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A European Collaboration for Sustainable and Secured RFID Solutions

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A European Collaboration for Sustainable and Secured RFID Solutions

AXEM Technology, Joaneo, and 4i join forces to provide turnkey RFID solutions for secure traceability!

Three European companies. Complementary expertise. One vision.

AXEM Technology, Joaneo and 4i are a consortium combining skills and know-how to make a difference in the RFID world. As experts in RFID system integration (4i), inlay production (Joaneo) and reader manufacturing (AXEM Technology), they gather the necessary expertise to provide end-to-end turnkey RFID solutions to the market. The consortium mainly addresses markets with a need for data security and sustainability, such as the defense, healthcare, and aeronautics industries.

The joint value proposition is stated in three axis: security, sustainability and local production.

17 Oct 2023 - Collaborative Creation of Secure Docs and Smart Tickets by Joaneo

Enhanced Security for Data Protection

Data security is the priority. The solutions guarantee traceability and confidentiality of information. As a first showcase, an end-to-end RFID tracking solution utilizing the standards based untraceable feature and password protection through the NXP® Semiconductors’ UCODE® 7xm RAIN RFID chip has been developed. The chip offers two key advantages: i) the key unique patient data is hidden from unauthorized users, and ii) large memory storing up to 2 kb of confidential data. This is particularly suitable for healthcare and military applications, in which data needs to be highly secure.

Sustainable Vision and Commitment

The companies embrace an ecofriendly philosophy in which environmental responsibility is taken seriously. For a Luxembourgish laboratory, key enabling components were developed and integrated in a laboratory software solution. This resulted in an automated and efficient RFID-based solution limiting human errors and waste during the medical analysis process. Moreover, the production of the RFID inlays is set up to minimize waste and carbon footprint, from additive printing technology to recyclable paper based inlays.

European Collaboration with Local Focus

The consortium values a local production and delivery teams with close proximity to clients: the offering is 100% made in Europe. The products are mainly manufactured in France and Luxembourg. Materials are sourced locally as much as possible, resulting in reduced transportation costs and a low carbon footprint.

The companies are united around common values and vision. The tailored and innovative approach is a strength with clients: the most effective solutions are created, made to measure to match the clients’ needs. The collaboration of the three companies enables the offering of a complete solution - hardware and software - for any identification or traceability needs.

Who We Are


04 Sep 2023 - “No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

4i provides mobile applications and solutions for traceability, especially with RFID. It qualifies a project using different types of reading equipment and tags for the implementation of an RFID project.

AXEM Technology

RFID manufacturer expert, AXEM Technology provides a complete and standard range of RFID identifiers and readers. The company core activity is the design custom products thanks to its center of innovation, the AXEM Lab, managed by RFID experts. AXEM Technology has recently developed an RFID reader compatible with the untraceable function.


Joaneo offers NFC and RFID antennas and inlays, printed on paper-based substrates, using an eco-friendly production process. All made in Luxembourg, from design to distribution. Joaneo capitalizes on its mother brand Victor Buck Services’ 20-years printing experience to offer innovative and tailored printing solutions.

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Joachim Priem
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Capellen, Luxembourg
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