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The eco-friendly paper tag becomes a reality for the RFID world

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The Eco-friendly Paper Tag Becomes a Reality for the RFID World

From Vision into Reality, Joaneo Implements a Holistic Approach to Eco-friendly RFID Tag Production!

Joaneo is a new player in the RFID world. They are part of Victor Buck Services who manage and distribute documents for international clients predominantly clients in high banking & finance, the hospital industry, healthcare and more. As such, they have ample experience in the printing business – experience which they now leverage in the production of paper-based RFID NFC antennas and inlays.

17 Oct 2023 - Collaborative Creation of Secure Docs and Smart Tickets by Joaneo

Printing on Environmentally Friendly Substrates

“Knowing that we could efficiently print electronics in a much more environmentally friendly way was a key reason for us to move into this business”, says Scott Garlick, Head of Sales & Marketing at VBS. Paper was the natural substrate of choice. It is biodegradable and its low material density makes it ideal for applications such as tamper-loops as paper is supposed to tear easily.

Research was conducted into other paper-like substrates too, and synthetic papers emerged as a viable option; especially if the inlay is to be recuperated. Synthetic papers are favored for a host of applications that typically require greater durability, strength, versatility and functionality than conventional paper. Joaneo found for example that Teslin®, which is a single-layer polyolefin-based material, evinces the right qualities for printed electronics.

At the end of the product life cycle, paper tags can be deposited in any standard recycling facility and can minimize the impacts of waste management. Different to pure paper tags, however, Teslin tags are more sustainable in that they can be recuperated.

Dry Printing Process

The printing process itself is another aspect designed by Joaneo in a more ecological way. Key to this is an additive dry printing process with a conductive silver ink. The production works without water, vacuum or wet chemicals. Only the amount of ink which is required is being used. This results in very little waste compared to other techniques such as etching and will open up opportunities to fabricate cost-effective inlays.

Production Ecosystem in the Heart of Europe

04 Sep 2023 - “No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

Antennas and inlays are made in Foetz in the South of Luxembourg and shipped from the same location. Joaneo sources the required materials preferably local wherever possible. This results in reduced transportation costs, better turnaround times and a low carbon footprint.

Printing Exactly What the Client Needs

Another aspect in Joaneo’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility is the flexibility to be able to produce the exact number of inlays needed. Large volumes are not the first consideration for Joaneo, which is why there is no minimal print commitment for customers. Even small print runs are welcome and easily accommodated, further saving resources in many ways.

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Joachim Priem
Joachim Priem
Business Development Manager
Capellen, Luxembourg
Scott Garlick
Scott Garlick
Head of Sales & Marketing
Capellen, Luxembourg
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