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Real-time localisation system K-RTLS unveiled at LogiMAT 2019

Due to the implemented Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, it is possible to provide an accurate localisation even in difficult, reflective environments. (Picture: Kathrein Solutions)

Process Automation with Precise Real-Time Location

Real-time Location system "K-RTLS" launched at LogiMAT 2019

Kathrein Solutions GmbH, which specialises in RFID/AutolD solutions, is presenting the new RTLS system (Real-Time Location System) for the first time at the LogiMAT logistics trade fair.

The RTLS system combines the exact position which is available in real time with the unique identification. Kathrein Solutions GmbH exhibits in hall 4 at stand G40.

The new real-time localisation system "K-RTLS" combines high localisation accuracy in an industrial environment with unique technical features which allow a broad application of the system in various applications. The system consists of the mobile transponder, the permanently installed nodes and the CrossTalk loT software.

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Ultra-Wideband technology for accurate localisation

Due to the implemented Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, it is possible to provide an accurate localisation even in difficult, reflective environments. The typical accuracy of 10 cm and the robust, compact housing design of the transponder allow a wide use tor real-time tracking of objects, in production and logistics. The transponder has an innovative adapter mounting system that can be dynamically changed depending on the application, for fixed or temporary mounting on vehicles or material container trolleys.

A UHF RFID tag and an NFC RFID tag, which are connected to the microcontroller, have been integrated into the transponder. This way, it is possible to seamlessly combine applications for localisation and contactless identification in long-range and near-field applications.

Efficient use of energy and hardware

lt is also possible to easily supply the compact nodes with power and network via PoE. To keep the installation costs for the network as low as possible, the nodes also have their own optional 2.4 GHz radio network tor data transfer. This means that only about 25% of the required nodes have to be powered via a LAN cable. The distance between the individual nodes can be up to 80 metres.

A proven software platform

With the CrossTalk loT-Suite, the new K-RTLS system has access to a very comprehensive and well-established software – which has been on the market tor many years – for the configuration and operation of the entire AutolD hardware. Based on pre-configured tracking scenarios, it is possible to easily and effectively implement complex business apps.

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