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Kessaris tracks and locates jewelry and watches with RFID

Jeweler Kessaris implements an UHF RFID solution for inventory and localization of up to 10,000 items

Jeweler Kessaris offers around 30,000 different jewelry and luxury items in each of its eight stores – with prices of 5,000 euros or more not being a rarity among them. Articles that are missing or cannot be found directly mean a high financial risk. For Kessaris, the integration of a technological solution was indispensable in order to be able to carry out regular inventories with the highest possible accuracy.

Vassilis Kessaris, Managing Director and Co-owner, Kessaris, in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global. The article is published in the 01/2020 issue.

100 Percent Tagged Watches

The particular challenge here was that conventional tagging and article surveillance solutions were ruled out for aesthetic reasons, as they would have made the fitting more complicated. With a UHF RFID-based solution, Kessaris was able to achieve initial success in the area of watch identification. In the subsequent development steps, the jeweler is focusing on the areas of jewelry and decorative labeling.

Discreet marking of luxury goods

The Greek jeweler Kessaris offers high-priced watches and luxury items from the jewelry segment. Documentation of the inventory and the detailed status quo of the approximately 30,000 individual articles per store is crucial for security. Manual checks were time-consuming and prone to errors. But the small size of the inventory such as watches, rings and chains did not allow the use of standard solutions. Another process requirement was that the merchandise identification should be as discreet as possible.

Sector-specific technology development

Together with RFID system integrator Trinity Systems, Kessaris is developing specific UHF RFID identification solutions for the jewelry sector. "We are doing pioneering work because there is no corresponding solution for the jewelry trade. An out-of-the-box application was not available," says Vassilis Kessaris, underlining the importance of the development work.

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