LAB ID Announces Merger with Beontag

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LAB ID Announces Merger with Beontag

Beontag Portfolio Expanded with LAB ID Products and Solutions!

LAB ID is proud to announce the merging with Beontag as of October 2021. With this merger, LAB ID became part of a group of innovative companies that use high-end technology to manufacture essential products that are present in the daily lives of people around the world. Beontag reinforces its internationalization strategy and specialization in technology and innovation related to RFID, expanding its operations in the European market and worldwide.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeiting and Customer Interaction with RFID

LAB ID is specialized in tailor-made RFID tags and solutions, specifically designed and manufactured based on the customer’s needs. Besides the RFID tags (NFC, RAIN RFID and dual frequency tags), LAB ID also offers many innovative solutions, including proof of certification for luxury accessories via smart NFC tags, helping brands in preventing fraud and counterfeiting, and also in providing greater interaction and engagement with customers.

Beontag Builds Unique Capabilities to Unlock RFID Projects

Besides LAB ID Products, the Beontag portfolio offers many other solutions for companies to promote their brands, manage information and share fundamental data. This generates value for society as a whole. With the addition of LAB ID, a total of five brands are part of Beontag – a group of digital transformation enablers:

  • Beontag RFID
  • LAB ID
  • R&B – Rastreabilidade Brasil

By uniting the five brands and working together with partners, Beontag is present in every part of the value chain. This includes:

  • Assembly of tags with chip, antenna and inlay
  • Media conversion of transferring an item ID to an RFID tag and applying the tag to an item
  • Encoding and encryption services
  • Simultaneous printing and encoding information on RFID tags or labels
  • Hardware providers to read signals sent by chips and antennas
  • Software solutions to facilitate the use of RFID technology
  • Project integrators designing products for end users

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ECO Hook M
Marcio Muniz
Marcio Muniz
VP / Digital Transformation Enabler
, Italy
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