LAB ID is Looking Toward a Bright Future with Beontag

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LAB ID is Looking Toward a Bright Future with Beontag

Sales Manager Giovanni Codegoni Speaks Enthusiastically of the Merger with Industry Giant

As of October 2021, Italian RFID specialist LAB ID is part of the innovative Beontag group. Under this umbrella and in unison with five other high-tech companies, LAB ID creates products that are present in the daily lives of people around the world and which generate value to society as a whole.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Merger Positions LAB ID as One of the Most Important Tag Suppliers in the World

The merger was undoubtedly the most important event for the company in 2021, LAB ID Sales Manager Giovanni Codegoni states. LAB ID now has access to different markets and market segments as well as different applications. This makes them one of the most important suppliers of RFID solutions in the world. At the same time, the LAB ID-typical focus on exclusivity of products and services which customers value will be maintained.

“Happy and proud about the change”

Giovanni Codegoni is “happy and proud about the change”, he says. LAB ID will keep on being specialized in tailor-made RFID tags and solutions which are designed and manufactured to suit each individual customer’s needs. Its own brand will remain strong. Besides RFID tags (NFC, RAIN RFID and dual frequency tags), LAB ID continues to offer other innovative solutions, such as proof of certification for luxury accessories via smart NFC tags. Thereby, LAB ID helps brands in preventing fraud and counterfeiting, and also in providing greater interaction and engagement with customers. LAB ID’s new digital platform URely which manages products with RFID/NFC technologies and allows to engage demanding digital consumers, is key to that.

A Change which was Long in the Making

The partnership with Finnish company Stora Enso whose RFID-section has been acquired by the Beontag group as well, also makes Gioovanni Codegoni happy. “We now have a good case to investigate and promote the green technology of a paper-based label”, he says. He continues that the LAB ID management has worked towards this sort of project in a very focused way for quite some time.

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