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LAB ID presents new NFC tags based on NXP chip NTAG424 DNA

Secure authentication and connectivity without a specific app for the retail environment

LAB ID presents a new product family of NFC tags based on the NXP chip NTAG424 DNA. Thanks to this new and now available technology, LAB ID takes a decisive step towards novel NFC implementations.

"Secure authentication and connection to NFC tags without special apps, in both the Android and iOS worlds, are real possibilities. The first members of the new product family now introduced definitely mark a paradigm shift in IoT application,"

reports Giovanni Codegoni, Sales and Marketing Director, LAB ID.

Secure Crypto Method Integrated

The newly introduced NFC tags use the SUN (secure unique NFC) crypto engine from NXP Semiconductors. This enables a unique message authentication for each tag to take place during each capturing process.

"LAB ID offers a wide range of tags and services, many of which are individually tailored to customer needs. This enables system integrators to implement numerous different solutions for the fashion, luxury, food, and beverage sectors, which subsequently provide digital added value for end users and their customers,"

Giovanni Codegoni explains.

Brand Protection Supported Digitally and Securely

LAB ID's redirection authentication service plays a special role in the implementation of customer-specific solutions, especially in the retail business, to support the individual customer design of NFC-based solutions.

"The first members of the NFC tag family now presented offer end users a simple and secure way to create a unique customer experience," says the Sales and Marketing Director, adding:

"The new NFC tags create unbeatable added value, especially in retail-specific applications such as counterfeit and brand protection, secure marketing campaigns, protection against product tampering, or the provision of unique, exclusive content as part of customer interaction solutions.”

The first tags available using this technology are the IN724 and IN710 inlays. Additionally, it is possible to request further solutions in a customer-specific design.

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Juergen Mangold, LAB ID
Juergen Mangold, LAB ID
Sales Representative
Kirchheim, Germany
Giovanni Codegoni
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Manager
Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
Valentina Braida
Valentina Braida
Marketing Manager
Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
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