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LAB ID’s NFC Solution Attracts More Brands

Image: Lab ID

LAB ID’s NFC Solution Attracts More Brands

Product and Solution Trends for LAB ID in 2022

LAB ID supports customers with tailor-made solutions, services, and tag designs for RFID implementation. Applications in anti-counterfeiting make their RFID/NFC solutions particularly suitable for the fashion and luxury market. However, this is only one of the many market segments which LAB ID is active in, in 2022.

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Complete End-to-End Solutions for the Fashion and Luxury Market with New Partner Temera

LAB ID, after experiencing a decrease in business activity in 2020/21, is back in the game. “We have strengthened conversion and customization solutions”, says Giovanni Codegoni, Sales Manager at LAB ID. “We have also improved our encoding and printing solutions for wearable data.”

A beneficial development in this direction is the acquisition of Temera by the Beontag Group, to which LAB ID belongs, in February 2022. Temera, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Florence, is a leading player in IoT solutions (RFID, UHF, NFC, BlockChain) for the luxury sector.

Temera supports businesses through the development of RFID applications and innovative technologies for the optimization of logistics and production processes, anti-counterfeiting, customer experience and store processes. The company has successfully managed projects for high-end brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi and Versace. Together, Lab ID and Temera can provide sophisticated end-to-end solutions for fashion and luxury applications.

Branching out into Pharmaceutical Products

In recent years, LAB ID has also invested considerable efforts into creating a label for pharmaceutical applications. At the moment, “pilot projects are run in volumes for logistics on palettes and boxes”, says Giovanni Codegoni. Certification is awaited by Lab ID in the very near future. The necessity for a new generation of labels and tags arises as, by EU Regulations on Medical Devices, traceability of all medical devices becomes a strict requirement by 2025. Lab ID is offering a solution in RAIN and NFC.

Food and Beverage are Further New Market Segments

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LAB ID’s many innovative solutions, including proof of certification for luxury accessories via smart NFC tags, have come to the attention of companies in the food and beverage market. “Our NFC solution attracts ever more brands”, Giovanni Codegoni explains. Authentication and anti-counterfeiting are particularly important for wines and spirits, he continues.

LAB ID’s Digital Platform Urely is a Crucial Interface for All Sectors

URely is a “soft platform”, as Giovanni Codegoni calls it. By assigning a unique digital identity to items, URely tracks, stores and manages each step of a product life-cycle, enabling full transparency from manufacturing to markets. Combining URely with LAB ID’s custom NFC tagging solutions allows every stakeholder, from the supply chain up to the consumer, to interact with a product, authenticate it and activate reverse logistics services. This enables circularity and allows for complete fraud protection and anti-counterfeiting.

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Giovanni Codegoni
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Manager
Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
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