LAB ID Plans to Renew its Online Presence in 2021

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LAB ID Plans to Renew its Online Presence in 2021

New Products, New Technologies, New Website: All Planned for 2021!

The Italian RFID inlay specialists will present product innovations and extended services at the digital exhibition!

LAB ID, a leading European manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays and tags, has plans to renew its online presence in 2021. A brand new website is currently in the making and will be launched this year to provide customers with extensive content including, case studies, the soon-to-be expanded product portfolio and complete RFID solutions.

16 Oct 2023 - ECO Hook M

Green Production at LAB ID

Sustainability is a core value at LAB ID – the company is committed to environmental protection. LAB ID produces green products with new substrate materials like paper. For this reason, the company's manufacturing plants are continuously being optimized in order to reduce waste and the respective carbon footprint.

Into a Digitalized Future: New Website in 2021

One of the main goals for LAB ID in 2021 is the launch of a brand new website. Valentina Braida elaborates, “We plan to renew LAB ID's online presence with the re-modeling of our website. We want to make it possible for our customers to find everything they need, right at their fingertips. This includes product information and case studies to better understand our complete solution offer. Providing clients with a high-quality and long lasting product is a continuous challenge here at LAB ID. Our R&D department and team work everyday to find the best solutions for our clients. These solutions are designed so that they can adapt to the changing needs or requirements of our clients.”

Digitalization for LAB ID also includes data processing, as Valentina Braida explains, “We are heavily involved with the processing of client data via the service bureau. For this, we guarantee 100% compliance with data privacy requirements.”

Supporting Customers Every Step of the Way

LAB ID offers customers completely customized solutions. This does not end with the design and manufacture of the appropriate tailor-made tags. “LAB ID offers much more than just the appropriate customized RFID tags. Our clients benefit from extensive support and value-added services, such as our service bureau, software and hardware integration support and our creative design service.

16 Oct 2023 - Pacer

We also offer a digital platform for brand protection and our 'Tunnel on Fly' that is dedicated to logistics applications. Our ultimate goal is to guide companies in the correct implementation of RFID.” says Valentina Braida, Marketing Manager at LAB ID, highlighting the comprehensive support made available to customers.

The expert team at LAB ID also provides consultations on customized projects. “We can provide our customers with analysis-based proposals on solutions to improve business and market competitiveness,” elaborates Valentina Braida. Look forward to case studies filled with LAB ID's expertise and experience in 2021.

New Technologies Planned for Release in 2021

Together with the re-modeling of the website, LAB ID also has plans on expanding its product portfolio. New technologies and products planned for 2021 include the migration of the latest ICs to existing products, dual frequency, sensor technology, tamper tags, and new high-speed encoding and printing technologies.

As Valentina Braida explains, “Daily business at our R&D department comprises of the development of new products that are customized and specifically tailored for our clients. We offer multiple conversion options, such as labels, care labels, hang tags, tickets, seals, and windshield labels to name a few.”

The website itself will undergo continuous optimizations to accommodate the new technologies and products. LAB ID's digital platform dedicated to brand protection has been updated to accommodate the new sensor products that are currently in development, for example.

LAB ID is currently focusing on the product development for the food & beverage, industrial and pharmaceutical markets.  

Covid-19 is No Show Stopper for LAB ID 

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on the the ticketing and luxury fashion industries. For a year now, a majority of public transport companies around the world have drastically reduced their activities and end consumers have had to change and adapt to the world of e-commerce. However, LAB ID has been well-prepared and by no means has development stopped, as Valentina Braida comments,

“We have implemented every appropriate security and safety measures for our employees. For this reason, our development and schedule has not been significantly set back by the pandemic. LAB ID ensures the maximum protection of its employees, who are also able to work from home.” 

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Valentina Braida
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