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New Leuze Plant in Malaysia Begins Operation

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New Leuze Plant in Malaysia Begins Operation

New Production Site in Malacca, Malaysia

After a construction time of just 16 months, Leuze has opened its new production site in Malacca (Malaysia). With immediate effect, Leuze sensors will be produced there for the local Asiatic market. A high level of demand exists in the areas of electronics, solar and laboratory automation.

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Based on 2020, sales of the Leuze electronic group should double again by 2025. For the Sensor People, the construction of their new Leuze production site in Malacca (Malaysia) represents a key element in their global growth strategy. Construction of the new building, which involved many local partners, began in January 2021. Just 16 months later– in April 2022 – the plant was finished and, after a successful start-up phase, is to be officially opened in July.

Expansion of Leuze Production Structures

To be able to meet the high global demand for its sensors and ensure short delivery times, Leuze will double its production capacities by the end of the year. To this end, the company is implementing a strategy based on multiple production locations. "This will allow us to not only further improve our delivery capability, but also optimize our international logistics flows," explains Sebastian Raible, Managing Director of Leuze electronic Malaysia and on-site project manager of the construction project. The essential features of the new plant in Malaysia duplicate those of the main Leuze production facility at the site of its headquarters in Owen/Teck (Southern Germany). "All of our plants have the same layout worldwide. The work islands are built, tested and duplicated in Germany and are then used all over the world," explains Jochen Wimmer, COO of the Leuze electronic group. In Malaysia, products are manufactured mainly for the local Asiatic market.

New Production Site Creates Jobs

The production and warehouse logistics facilities covering an area of 4,500 square meters make up the bulk of the new plant. An additional 1,000 square meters are used for administration purposes. Areas totaling 7,000 square meters are available for a second expansion phase. Initially, nearly 100 new local personnel were recruited. With the growth of the plant, another 100 new employees are to be recruited in the first expansion phase. More will follow in the second expansion phase.

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Oliver Pütz-Gerbig
Oliver Pütz-Gerbig
Senior Market and Technology Expert Auto-ID at Leuze
Owen, Germany
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