Our German-built fully-automated industrial label printers are designed for reliability and continuous operation. Our diverse range of applicators means print and apply labels can be placed with precision on any part of the line product. (Picture: Logopak)

How to get maximum performance from a print and apply labeller

Our print and apply machines have been developed and engineered in Germany since Logopak engineers first invented them in 1983. Indeed, it was Germany’s reputation for precision engineering that drew Logopak’s English founder there to seek out a location to base his manufacturing operation.

Building a machine that can run quickly is relatively simple. Building a machine that is both quick AND reliable takes real skill, and this is where engineering prowess makes the difference.

Lars Thuring
Lars Thuring
Strategic Development Manager
Hartenholm, Germany

Logopak machines are built to be reliable performers lasting over 10 years in full production. Quality is the driving force behind our manufacturing processes. We use only the highest quality component parts, bearings and pneumatics. We design our own machines, including printhead, software and hardware.

We believe that a reliance on third-party parts can compromise quality, so we keep these to a minimum, working only with leading specialists.

Regardless if working with RFID, barcodes or both, to get maximum performance from a print and apply labeller is simple – choose quality, choose experience and choose the best engineers.

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