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LogoSoft – Industry 4.0 Software Integration for Efficient Labelling Tasks

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LogoSoft – Industry 4.0 Software Integration for Efficient Labelling Tasks

Controlling, Tracking and Automation of Systematic Labelling!

One of the main objectives in digitising industrial processes is to connect machine and software systems. A major challenge in this respect is the sheer multitude of different systems. As middleware, LogoSoft forms the perfect bridge.

21 Mar 2022 - Logopak Presents the Logomatic 715 PF Labelling System

The labelling of products in their various-size packaging is an indispensable process in industrial production and logistics. Due to its importance in terms of planning, execution and documentation of individual processes, labelling is a central component of digitalised production.

Systematic labelling throughout the production cycle – from the provision of raw materials to the manufacturing of different product stages and internal logistics to distribution – makes it possible to control, track and automate the entire process. It increases efficiency in all areas of production, such as purchasing, utilisation of required production resources as well as their maintenance and servicing.

Labelling can only develop its full potential when it is integrated into existing production control systems. Today, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are already part of the digital standard in industrial production. However, the seamless integration of suitable labelling systems often proves to be a challenge.

“As an isolated solution, stand-alone software for controlling labelling systems is more often than not associated with considerable additional effort for users”, knows Steffan Gold, Managing Director of Logopak Systeme GmbH & Co. KG. “At the same time, the on-board tools of common ERP or MES systems as a cross-manufacturer solution usually only make limited use of the possibilities of professional hardware solutions.”

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With LogoSoft, Logopak creates the basis for complete integration of the labelling process into an existing software system. As middleware, LogoSoft fits seamlessly between a common ERP or MES such as SAP and the Logopak labelling system. LogoSoft uses the existing interfaces for data exchange and makes optimal use of the technical possibilities of the connected systems. At the same time, LogoSoft is a stand-alone software and thus also fully functional independently of the ERP system.

LogoSoft enables central control of all labelling processes, using the feedback of applied labels as a basis for the efficient monitoring of production and logistics processes. As a database-driven software, LogoSoft prevents errors in labelling and therefore ensures optimal security and guarantees the most seamless supply chain possible.

Thanks to its modular structure, LogoSoft can be flexibly adapted to individual production requirements. The modules LogoRT, LogoBatch and LogoSync communicate with the technical components integrated in the production line. They support the various labelling processes and enable automated data connection and processing across the entire production environment.

LogoSoft centrally controls extensive serial printing tasks that are handled via separate labelling systems and monitored transparently in real time. This is possible both synchronously, with a real-time connection to the higher-level system, and asynchronously.

LogoSoft works with a variety of different interfaces (SAP Process Integration, CSV, SOAP, SQL, XML) and thus guarantees maximum compatibility across all sectors of industry.

“LogoSoft is an intelligent solution for all types of labelling tasks”, explains Gold. “In combination with our selected services, we support our customers in reacting flexibly to new challenges and achieving top performances at all times.”

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Lars Thuring
Lars Thuring
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