RFID suitcase tags (Luggage Tags) have already proven their reliability in countless field trials and regular operations. (Picture: MELZER)

MELZER's SL-LT Series for 100% Controlled RFID Luggage Tags

With RFID Luggage Tags, Every Suitcase is in Sight Worldwide!

Less than one percent of all transported baggage is misdirected or can no longer be found. At first glance, this seems to be a small percentage, but it does generate billions of dollars in replacement costs for airlines year after year. A large-scale initiative by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) based on RFID labels on baggage is intended to significantly reduce shrinkage from 2020.

RFID Luggage Tags are the Solution

RFID luggage tags have already proven their reliability in countless field trials and regular operations. Increased security requirements in international, civil air traffic and continuously falling transponder prices have now also enabled an RFID application in baggage traffic, which has been established for years, to make its way into an industry-wide rollout

MELZER’s Smart Label Production Solution: Proven Since 2004

Already in 2004 MELZER delivered the first machine for these products to Asia. The SL-LT series is based on the proven smart label production line type SL, which has been extended by an additional punching module. In addition to the standard products of the SL (RFID labels), the long luggage tags can also be manufactured.

"As with all MELZER machines for RFID label conversion, the patented transponder selection process is also used in the SL-LT series, which ensures that all transponders are tested and defective transponders are sorted out before they are dispensed. Of course, MELZER offers these machine variants also as flexible STL version for RFID labels, cards and baggage tags", reports Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, MELZER.

Up to 36,000 RFID Luggage Tags per Hour

The SL-400LT is available as a 4-lane version for these large series applications, which can produce up to 24,000 RFID luggage tags/h or up to 40,000 RFID tags/h. If this is not enough, the latest 6-lane version with a web width of up to 330 mm is available and produces up to 36,000 luggage tags/h.

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Dirk Melzer
Dirk Melzer
Technical Director Sales
Schwelm, Germany
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