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Mieloo & Alexander: RFID-Enabled Merchandise Visibility

Standardized and Configurable Solutions for Fashion Stores and the Supply Chain!

Mieloo & Alexander offers RFID solutions for retail stores and for the supply chain. By applying RFID tags at the source, in the DC or on-site in stores, real-time inventory is made possible and location information made accessible.

Offering both standard RFID solutions with RFID handhelds, transition portals, and overhead RFID readers as well as RFID printing and specialized tag solutions for items such as shoes and belts, Mieloo & Alexander provides a broad portfolio for retail and supply chain efficiency.

RFID Solutions for Merchandise in Fashion Stores

The RFID solutions from Mieloo & Alexander range from handheld RFID applications to sophisticated RFID overhead reader systems.

  • RFID handheld applications – simple and cost effective RFID handheld based solutions for inventory counting, item finding/locating, goods receipt, restocking and stock transfers.
  • RFID transition portal – real-time stockroom inventory visibility to enable real-time restocking (replenishment from stockroom to sales floor) and to reduce NOSBOS (not on shelf but on stock).
  • Full RFID overhead reader solutions – real-time, hands-free inventory and locating of items for reliable omni-channel processes plus advanced analytics
  • RFID-enabled and smart integrated EAS, POS and self-checkout solutions – to improve loss protection, reduce queue time and provide real-time inventory updates.
  • RFID-supported endless aisle and click-and-collect processes.

RFID Solutions for the Fashion Supply Chain

The RFID solutions for the supply chain are designed to reduce costs and increase process quality. Standard solutions include:

  • Bulk and on-demand RFID tag printing and encoding – with optional integrated tag quality checking.
  • RFID tunnels for Flatpack and Goods on Hanger – for RFID enabled receiving and shipping.
  • RFID packing tables for RFID-enabled receipt – shipment and returns processing, and for logistics quality checks.
  • RFID picking trolleys – for streamlined item and carton picks.
  • Automated RFID inventory counting solutions – for flatpacks and goods on hanger warehouses.

Watch this video to find an overview of all RFID solutions offered by Mieloo & Alexander for merchandise visibility!

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