Webinar: Massive IoT with LPWAN for Supply Chain Tracking

mioty Technology Enables Networks with Millions of Devices!

Learn live from Johannes Welsch, Innovation Manager at safectory, a member of the mioty alliance, how mioty is revolutionizing supply chain tracking in the lecture "Tracking with mioty in Logistics and Supply Chain"!

19 Dec 2022 - General Assembly & mioty Alliance Conference held in Munich

When? On February 22nd. Click here to register for the livestream!

Can't make it to the live event? Rebroadcasts are available starting at 09:00 PST on February 22nd and 10:00 AEST on February 23rd! Click your preferred time zone to watch!

Future-proof Massive IoT Networks for Logistics and Industry

Johannes Welsch explains how the mioty technology is used to build massive IoT networks. It uses telegram splitting for data transmission. Data loss is prevented, especially in environments with many IoT devices. There can be over a million devices in use per network that send 1.5 million messages per day.

Gain insights into real use cases of mioty in industrial and commercial IoT networks. Find out how the technology can be used to track asset movement and location, and enable effective indoor and outdoor supply chain tracking. Click here to register and learn more!

Think WIOT Day Logistics + Supply Chain + Construction + Wireless IoT Technologies

01 Oct 2022 - mioty alliance

Want to learn more about how to optimize your logistics, supply chain or construction business with IoT technology? The webinar is part of the livestream “Think WIOT Day – Logistics & Construction”. A total of nine lectures showcase technology use cases and best practice. Click here to see the entire program!

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René Dünkler
René Dünkler
LV Marketing and Communication
Erlangen, Germany
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