IoT solution

RFID and GPS based asset tracking solution for Luerssen

Mojix provides RTLS Complete Solution to Shipbuilding Company from Bremen in Germany.

Full transparency on inventories and movement of tools and assets

End of 2017, yacht and navel shipbuilder Luerssen first approached Mojix to supply an asset tracking solution for their tools and vehicles used during maintenance tasks at their customers all around the world.

Goal was to increase the efficiency of their maintenance tasks and get better visibility on inventories and movements of their assets.

Shipbuilding for 140 years

Since 1875, the Northern German group of companies, Luerssen, has been renown worldwide for the highest product quality as well as innovative technologies in yacht and naval shipbuilding. This family-owned company, based in Bremen- Vegesack and with other sites in Germany, specialises in the design and manufacture of yachts, marine and coastguard vessels. The new build sector also includes extensive after-sales service, including repairs, refits, maintenance and global logistics services.

Warehouse with RFID: 99 percent inventory accuracy

Mojix built and integrated a solution for the Luerssen shipyard's warehouses using the Starflex RFID reader to track the assets. The Starflex reader has the highest sensitivity in the market and supports up to 48 distributed antennas for optimal coverage and location information (RTLS) of passive RFID tags. For the static areas with high density of RFID-tagged assets and numerous metal shelves, Mojix installed Turboantenna, which defeats the static tag problem and provides > 99 % inventory accuracy along with location information.

GPS tracking of maintenance vehicles

Beside the inventory tracking of their tools inside the warehouses, Luerssen also asked Mojix to extend the tracking when the tools are on vehicles during their maintenance tasks hence Mojix provided a GPS solution to track the maintenance vehicles performing maintenance work outside of the shipyards.

All information visualised on one platform

To consolidate and monitor the inventories and vehicles within Luerssen's working processes, Mojix provided their Vizix IoT platform to fulfil the required fractal multi-tenancy and to separate data for different countries and sites based on roles assigned to users.

Vizix collects, stores, analyses and acts on IoT sensor streams based on rules in real-time – in the case of Luerssen the data from three sources: the passive UHR RFID-tagged assets, the GPS-tagged vehicles which transport the assets to the maintenance locations as well as the material product codes (MPC) of untagged consumables.

Because not all of the materials have an RFID tag applied, Mojix designed in addition IMS (Inventory Management Solution) including mobile workflows for Issue, Receive and Consume documentation of items to also manage the inventories of spare parts and consumables on SKU level within Vizix.

Big data analysis enabled detailed work flow visualisation

The reporting capabilities of Vizix help the Luerssen users to extract and visualise the information that matters from the big data pool stored in the unstructured databases. Beside this, also historical data is stored for retrospective reports.

For handling the tools, Mojix provided a solution using Vizix Mobile with following workflows:

  • Scan-Scan to associate assets barcode with the RFID tag
  • Hand-Out to handover assets to employees for maintenance tasks
  • Return to take back assets from employees after completed maintenance tasks
  • Inventory to perform stock counts in areas not covered by Mojix Starflex solution
  • Find-It to locate assets with Geiger counter functionality
  • Lookup for detailed information about an asset

Full transparency on inventories and movement of tools and assets

The combination of Starflex, Vizix and Vizix Mobile along with RFID tags and GPS trackers on assets and vehicles provides Luerssen full visibility on inventories and movements of their valuable assets within their service working processes. This increased the efficiency of their maintenance tasks significantly and led to an optimal utilisation of their tools and assets.

The rollout onto further service sites is already planned. The project manager at Luerssen is also satisfied with the results: “The implementation including the integration went seamless. Especially with the IoT platform Vizix, we now have full visibility on the inventories and movements of our tools, assets, and vehicles.”

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