Dental Technology

Automated Milling Machines Revolutionize Dental Technology

CAD/CAM systems with RFID are gaining ground in dental practices: On-site production of dental prostheses with automated milling tool management

CAD/CAM systems with RFID are gaining ground in dental practices!

Optimum availability, consistently documented manufacturing processes, seamless tool management –machining centers produce individual dental products such as bridges, crowns, inlays, veneers, full dentures and abutments for implants at the push of a button. Process chains of conventional tooth replacement production can be shortened from several weeks to a few minutes.

Processing centers are available in various designs and performance levels – from individual production directly in the dental practice or a dental laboratory to machines in dental medical care centers that can perform several processing steps simultaneously.

In an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Yilmaz Benzer, Managing Director, and Matthias Höß, Head of R&D and Project Management at NEOSID, spoke about how comprehensively the use of transponders supports the market spread of machining centers and how this is changing implantology in favor of the patients.

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Miniature Transponder NeoTAG®
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Matthias Höß
Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
Halver, Germany
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