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Neosid Offers RFID Components for Seamless Tool Identification

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Neosid Offers RFID Components for Seamless Tool Identification

The NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 in Operation at Hoffmann Group

Neosid, an expert in the manufacture of electronic components, has been offering innovative LF, HF and UHF RFID transponders for identification applications for over 10 years. These miniaturized transponders are customizable according to customer specifications for numerous industries. In 2019, Neosid’s miniaturized HF RFID transponder NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 was chosen by the Hoffmann Group for application in tool identification.

15 Jan 2024 - Connectivity in Dental Production

Robust Transponder with Custom Antennas & Designs

The NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 is a robust in-metal HF RFID transponder. With a diameter of 10.3 mm and a height of 4 mm, the miniaturized tag is designed to be easily pressed into a drill hole on tools. The passive RFID tag has a remarkable read range of a min. of 5mm in metallic tools and is able to withstand ambient temperatures from -40 to +275 °C. The NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 is also moisture resistant and can withstand drops from great heights. Both the housing and antenna of the NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 was adapted to the requirements of the Hoffmann Group and is consistently being used for tool identification.

Unique Tool Identification with HF RFID

Every individual chuck at the Hoffmann Group is equipped with the round 10mm NeoTAG(R) Plug MFG10340 HF RFID chip. The chips are pressed into the tools and are thus permanently connected to them. The unique identification number of the chip is stored centrally in the digital tool management software "Connected Manufacturing". The tags are read via readers in the tool crib, presetter, on the machines and on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. In Connected Manufacturing, both the history and status of all tagged tools can be viewed.

Away from Paper-based Documentation, and Onwards to Digitization

For the Hoffmann Group, it was clear from the very beginning that HF RFID was the right technology to be used for tool tracking and identification. RFID offers a more robust solution compared to optical identification. With RFID, the time spent searching for tools and for machine-set up is significantly reduced. Human error in the transfer and entering of measured tool values to machine control is also eliminated, preventing damage to machines. Together with the software tool “Connected Manufacturing”, HF RFID enables process-reliable manufacturing and the transition from paper-based documentation to digitized processes.

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