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Neosid takes further Miniaturization Steps for RFID Transponders

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Neosid takes further Miniaturization Steps for RFID Transponders

Mini Transponder NeoTAG® Plug G/MG3326 with Strong Performance in Equipment Testing

Neosid is a specialist in RFID tags for the identification of metallic objects. Transponders with special geometries from Neosid are already considered small. Demand is driving a development towards even more miniaturized transponders.

15 Jan 2024 - Connectivity in Dental Production

Areas of Application for Neosid Mini Transponders

Neosid's miniaturized transponders are available for many frequency ranges. New to the product range are NFC-enabled mini transponders. They are used by users in medical and laboratory applications and in many industrial sectors. A growing area of application for the mini transponders is digital construction.

Miniaturized Transponder Strengthens One Application Area

Neosid transponders have long been used in equipment testing. By law, all electrical equipment must be inspected every four years for the purpose of occupational safety. The new NeoTAG® Plug G/MG3326 has strengthened Neosid's performance in this field. It is NFC-enabled and allows integrations in devices to be identified uniquely, whether they are medical or industrial. This allows the inspector to quickly extract details about the inspection history and the use of the object.

Integrated Transponder and Reader

The feature portfolio of the "3 mm," as Matthias Höß, Head of R&D and Project Management at Neosid, calls the NeoTAG® Plug G/MG3326, can be seen as a response to increasing customer demand.

"This is a consistent trend," explains Matthias Höß. "We are receiving an increasing number of customer-specific requests for highly miniaturized and integrated transponders and reader antennas. Integration support therefore continues to be very important for Neosid. Ferrite design plays a major role here, as the ferrite core is the carrier for the antenna and the RFID chip. This also applies to customer-specific designs with special geometry. Core, antenna, chip and housing are optimally matched to each other. This allows us to support our customers across the entire spectrum."

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Matthias Höß
Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
Halver, Germany
Yilmaz Benzer
Yilmaz Benzer
Managing Director
Halver, Germany
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