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The SP1 RFID scanner achieves the highest reading performance of the industry. (Picture: DENSO WAVE)

New Innovation on the Market: DENSO’s SP1 RFID Scanner

Simple smart devices are turned into high-speed UHF RFID scanners!

DENSO, part of the Toyota Group and inventor of the QR Code, introduces the innovative SP1 RFID scanner to the market. With the modern RFID scanner from the experts of mobile data collection, simple smart devices are turned into high-speed UHF RFID scanners. Processes, such as inventories, can be accelerated by up to 50 per cent, in comparison to previous models.

“RFID allows an enormous increase in efficiency in data collection, for example in retail and logistics. With our new SP1 RFID scanner, the RFID feature can now be added to almost any smart device. This allows companies, from the sectors retail and logistics for instance, to avoid having to completely replace their equipment. However, they can still include RFID technology into their processes, such as inventories,” explains Kaber Kolioutsis, Marketing Communication Specialist at the DENSO Auto-ID Business Unit.

To connect the devices to each other, a QR Code, which is printed on the SP1 RFID scanner, is read with an available smart device. The smart device and the SP1 RFID scanner are then paired via Bluetooth. Even if the Bluetooth connection is interrupted temporarily during a scanning process, no data gets lost as the SP1 RFID scanner stores all scanned data of up to 80.000 RFID tags and up to 1.000 barcodes internally.

That way, the SP1 RFID scanner is able to resynchronize with the application program, even if there was an interruption. The SP1 RFID scanner can resend the unsent data or even all information. Therefore, no new scans are required.

Easy handling for users from retail and logistics

As the SP1 RFID scanner is almost self-explanatory, users from retail and logistics do not lose precious time for getting used to the functionality of the innovative RFID scanner.

Continuously high reading performance

In addition, the SP1 RFID scanner can read up to 700 RFID tags per second – a decisive advantage especially during inventories in the retail sector or in warehousing. While other RFID scanners are able to achieve similar reading performances, their major weakness is that they overheat and thus slow down after a short period of time.

“This issue does not occur with our SP1 RFID scanner. As we want to meet our customers’ high standards, we designed the SP1 RFID scanner to ensure continuous high-speed operation”, says Kolioutsis. With the SP1 RFID scanner and its optimized design, DENSO, part of the Toyota group and inventor of the QR Code, has created exactly the solution that was needed.

Ergonomic design meets drop resistance

The ergonomic and lightweight design of just about 400 grams makes working with the SP1 RFID scanner very comfortable – a big advantage, especially for work processes that take a long time. Despite its light weight, the SP1 RFID scanner retains the same drop resistance that is so typical for DENSO products.

“Even if things get stressful and the SP1 falls down, there is no need to worry. The SP1 RFID scanner can withstand up to 30 falls from up to 1.2 meters,” says Kolioutsis. The SP1 RFID scanner is also IP54 certified against water and dust, and has a scanning range of up to eight meters.

SP1 RFID scanner achieves highest reading performance of the industry

The extensive research to develop the time-saving and innovative SP1 RFID scanner was performed in a large EMC chamber. It measures 20 meters approximately, which is very rare in the industry.

“At DENSO in Japan we set up a demo store with about 2,000 items to test our RFID device. The EMC chamber is basically like a sound-proof room, where absolute measurements were realized,” explains Kolioutsis.

DENSO also measured the performance of the RFID tags and came to the conclusion that their new RFID device can achieve the highest reading performance in the industry. “The combination of outstanding reading performance and the most suitable RFID tag for the surroundings ensures maximum efficiency. And thus, we are very excited to present our new SP1 RFID sled,” concludes Kolioutsis.

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