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RFID in the Healthcare Industry! RFID has become the facilitator that transforms processes and management tasks in the healthcare industry the 'smart' way. There are various use cases from laboratories or in hospitals where RFID...

The sTag (in Windshield Label Format) Enables a Hands-Free Parking Experience! Many years ago, Taiwan changed its freeway toll collection from manual to the so-called ETC (Electronic Toll Collection). How does it work? An ETC...

A solution was needed to fight against counterfeiting! Taiwan is famous for its tea culture because the mountains belted with cloud provide perfect conditions to grow tea trees in different breeds. Lugu, a small town located in...

RFID transponder has been in many use cases as a critical component to facilitate more advanced applications. Among these form factors, overmolded (plastic injection) hard tags are often required for industrial, logistics or...

Vanessa Tan
Vanessa Tan

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Companies constantly revise, update, and complement their products and offers to allow for the latest technology to be implemented in challenging environments in this digital age. They optimise their operating procedures, manufacturing processes, and expand their expertise through collaborations with partners all over the world.

Our News Channel contains up-to-date information, provided by the companies and gathered in one place by us so you can always stay on top of the newest developments regarding wireless technologies. The Supplier News give insight into internal company developments, collaboration partners, etc. The Product News contain snippets on new and updated products. Articles in the Solution News section contain rollouts, implementations, and more.

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