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Ensure the identification of nearly 300,000 machines: a challenge for the leader in equipment rental (Picture: AXEM Technology)

NFC technology for equipment rental at LOXAM

LOXAM sets up an innovative identification system

No. 1 in Europe and No. 5 worldwide, LOXAM is the market leader in the rental of equipment for the construction, industry, green spaces and the tertiary sector.

With more than 750 branches in 22 countries, LOXAM offers the first European fleet with more than 300,000 equipment, a real challenge for the tracking of its fleet!

In 2018, LOXAM has set up an innovative identification system for its equipment during preparation, departure and return operations based on NFC technology delivered by AXEM Technology.

Identifying nearly 300,000 machines

Ensure the identification of nearly 300,000 machines: a challenge for the leader in equipment rental. Facilitating the identification of each equipment allows LOXAM to optimize the management of its equipment with easy access to customer reservations, preparation sheets and equipment photos.

In agencies, the equipment is located in warehouses and outdoor parks and the objective is to be able to quickly select the equipment to prepare it or to make a contract departure following a reservation or to return this equipment. For this project, LOXAM chose NFC technology to be able to use rugged smartphones.

Since most of the equipment is stored outside the buildings, LOXAM has chosen an NFC RFID tag that can withstand the harsh constraints to which the equipment is subjected.

Equipment under harsh environmental conditions

The materials to be identified are of various sizes and shapes, making it difficult to choose an identical tag suitable for all formats.

On a daily basis, the equipment is subjected to harsh conditions: outdoors use, often on construction sites, high-pressure cleaning, etc. Hence the need for a tag that is resistant to these difficult environmental constraints.

In addition, the metal of the equipment creates interference with RFID tags and causes a loss of performance in reading them. The technology used for the tags had to integrate these constraints as well. Finally, the lifetime of the tag must correspond to the one of the hardware.

Thus, by integrating these different constraints, AXEM Technology has developed a tag fully adapted to LOXAM’s needs: Outdoor NFC metal labels.

Outdoor NFC metal labels as a hardware solution for RFID identification

The label format is easy to fix and adapts to all materials and products. The label is fixed by a reinforced adhesive which guarantees a long-lasting hold on any metal surface.

Designed to perform well on metal and resistant to permanent exposure in outdoor environments, outdoor metal labels are ideal for use on construction sites, outdoors, high pressure cleaning, etc. Each Outdoor metal label is equipped with an NFC RFID chip with memory, allowing information to be added on the tag.

LOXAM has equipped its entire fleet of equipment with labels adapted to each machine model. At the meantime, smartphones fleet has been equipped with an RFID application that allows, after the equipment has been identified, to prepare it, place it on a contract following a reservation or receive it for the closing of a contract.


A large part of the equipment of LOXAM agencies is now identified by NFC tags, which allows the use of the equipment preparation, departure and return application in most agencies in the network, in France and abroad.

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