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Nordic ID To Exhibit at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL!

Danny Collinson will be showcasing the extensive product portfolio at the digital exhibition!

On November 30th, in his presentation in the Wireless IoT Technology Forum, Collinson will share insights regarding State-of-the-art mobile data collection as part of industrial IoT.

Nordic ID, a Finnish RFID technology company established in 1986, will be attending the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow as a digital exhibitor this year! At the digital booth is Danny Collinson, Sales Director at Nordic ID, who will be showcasing a variety of products from the extensive portfolio.

12 Dec 2023 - Real-Time Visibility of Assets in Hospitals

Collinson is enthusiastic about the exhibition and comments:

“Our full portfolio of RFID devices covering both fixed, handheld and wearable readers meets the needs of customers in both industrial and retail settings,” says Danny Collinson, Sales Director at Nordic ID. “Our solutions support automating goods delivery and shipping, incident reporting and asset tracking.”

Brand New: The Nordic ID HH85 RFID Handheld

Launched in June 2020, the Nordic ID HH85 RFID Handheld Reader is the latest addition to the product portfolio.

“Our newcomer, the RFID handheld Nordic ID HH85, is especially developed to meet the requirements of industrial settings,” says Danny Collinson, Sales Director at Nordic ID, and continues “ It’s IP65 rated, with an ergonomic pistol grip, large screen and drop tested at 1,6 m.”

The rugged handheld features rubber bumpers at the front end, providing increased drop resistance. The pistol grip makes it well-suited to be used while wearing gloves – an important design aspect for industrial applications. The Nordic ID HH85 has an 18-hour battery lifespan and is equipped with Android 9 software.

Futureproof: The Nordic ID HH83 RFID Handheld

22 Nov 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 03-2023

Also featured at Nordic ID's digital booth is the Nordic ID HH83 RFID Handheld Reader. It has functionalities as both a barcode and UHF RFID reader. By switching the front end of the reader, the user can upgrade the barcode reader into an RFID reader. This way, the users can continue using the same device and software also after an upgrade to RFID. The Nordic ID HH83 is specially designed for retail applications, including in-store and back room item data collection.

“Our RFID handheld Android -series has been developed with the user in mind. Thanks to the unique and ergonomic design, long battery life and unprecedented reading capacity, customers in retail and manufacturing have eagerly embraced it,” states Danny Collinson, Sales Director at Nordic ID. “Accurate item data capturing is crucial for the reliability of asset and inventory management.”

There's More to Discover!

Nordic ID SAMPO, a fixed UHF RFID reader features a flat design with easy integration. Sources of power include: Ethernet, USB or an external power supply. This reader is designed for large area reading and point-of-sales applications, such as RFID reading at checkouts within the store.

The portable RFID reader EXA21 is one of the smallest RFID readers on the market. It is BLE compatible with Android/iOS Smart Device or Windows 10 PC. The UHF RFID reader can be fastened as a wearable and attached to belts, gloves or wrist holsters, enabling hands-free operation. Use cases include: Flexible checkout transactions, easy in-store item location, and instant shipping incident reporting. Smart sensors are used to extend battery life and trigger RFID reading.

Visit Nordic ID at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL!

Pay Danny Collinson a visit at the digital exhibition booth between November 23rd and December 18th! Find out more about the extensive portfolio of RFID handhelds, fixed readers and wearables for your applications and join us at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL!

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