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NXP 5G Tech Connects Super Bowl

Speed and convenience are the watchwords for the ultimate live sporting event experience, especially for data-hungry fans and hyper-connected broadcast media. This weekend, NXP’s newest RF technologies were “fielded” for the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami, connecting the fans to the action more than ever. The only way they could’ve gotten closer to the game was to don helmets and shoulder pads themselves and join in.

Our smart stadium solutions delivered 5G cellular coverage in a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution, contactless MIFARE, Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions and Wi-Fi 6.

Hail to the Chiefs

Whether you’re a Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers fan, the 54th Super Bowl was an adrenaline-filled spectacle for all ages. Packing the 65,000-seater Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, fans watched in awe as the Chiefs battled to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. NXP helped ensure every fan was connected—to the communications network, entry access, facilities and food from the concessions stands via mobile payment.

5G from the 50-yard line to the end zone

NXP’s connected smart stadium systems enhance the traditional fan experience, and wireless connectivity is the key to this. Supporting the world’s first 5G Super Bowl, NXP’s 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technology was ready for action. As tension and excitement swelled from the first play in Miami, fans started to generate and consume huge amounts of data, and the network infrastructure handled it with ease.

Enhanced experience

Those with 5G-enabled devices were able to connect to the stadium’s camera network to watch a multi-camera live stream of the game from five different angles. Fans could even pause and rewind the game from their seats so they didn’t have to wait for a replay on the big screen.

MIFARE ease of access

NXP’s MIFARE solutions are used for secure access to many of the world’s most notable stadiums, including Istanbul Turkey, Manchester England, Munich Germany and São Paulo Brazil. Our contactless MIFARE products comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 14443, and have a typical read-write distance of 10 cm (4 inch). MIFARE ICs are characterized by their convenient tap-and-go experience, as users simply hold their card/ticket close to a reader for instant authentication.

Better business, faster

Venues such as the Hard Rock Stadium also include restaurants, shops and other businesses, hotels and parking facilities. NXP’s connectivity solutions make it easier than ever to avail yourself of all these amenities, with MIFARE handling contactless chip solutions for fast, hassle-free access while NFC mobile payment speeds up time in line.

Broadcast transmission touchdown

Capturing every second of the action, broadcasters served their global audiences with high quality media and live images. Our RF power advanced technology played a key role in delivering this, helping maximize the broadcast transmitter performance. With more than 50 years of experience delivering solid state RF solutions for broadcast applications, NXP is a trusted supplier for fans to tune in to Super Bowl UHF and VHF TV broadcasts without a hitch.

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