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We Are NXP. Committed to our people, our communities and our world!

Our commitment to people didn’t start with this crisis, and it won’t end after it. (Picture: NXP)

We Are NXP

Committed to our people, our communities and our world!

From Austin to Toulouse, Shenzhen to Nijmegen, our people around the globe are working with customers and local communities in the fight against COVID-19. We’re a united front, committed to keeping people safe and secure. Together, we are NXP.

Wij zijn NXP. 我們是恩智浦. Nous sommes NXP. 우리는 NXP입니다. Wir sind NXP. 私たちはNXPです

27 Sep 2023 - Smarter Vehicle Manufacturing

How We're Helping

NXP is speeding up the development and delivery of components for healthcare and medical devices, donating PPE and other necessities, and helping schools keep students engaged and informed.

  • Enabling: NXP products enable critical infrastructure, including life-saving technologies.
  • Supporting: We support significant medical device demand through our supply chain.
  • Provisioning: NXP provisions sensors to produce respirators, along with MCUs for hospital equipment.
  • Expediting: We’re expediting supply requests from medical equipment companies around the world.


NXP is working with distributors and prioritizing orders throughout our global supply chain to support significant demand from manufacturers of ventilators, patient monitoring systems, injection pumps, and blood analysis devices, and other medical equipment.

  • NXP and British Tech Company Join Forces for Large Ventilator Order
    Our global team mobilized to quickly fill an escalated order from our U.K.-based partner for more than 40,000 pressure sensors, which are crucial components for the 10,000 ventilators they are producing for the British National Health Service.
  • NXP and Mindray: Supporting Respirator Needs in Wuhan
    Collaborating with Mindray, a medical equipment maker in Greater China, we’ve expedited much-needed pressure sensors for respirators, along with MCUs to produce equipment for other hospitals in Wuhan and beyond.

Giving Back

Medical and Healthcare Supplies

We’re volunteering our time, passion, innovative solutions, and other resources to help meet critical supply needs in local communities.

  • The NXP India COVID-19 Support Fund helps provide daily meals to families in need.
  • In France, we donated 5,000+ masks to local hospitals.
  • Our team in the Netherlands gave laptops to local nursing homes, and we’re working with a Dutch university to develop multi-sensor patches that will monitor changes in their condition real-time.
  • In Romania, NXP employees raised funds for Dăruiește Viață, a local NGO.
  • The NXP Can Help campaign in Taiwan has joined forces with local charities to donate 500 food boxes to underprivileged children in remote areas as well as provide food to senior citizens and make regular home visits to check on their welfare.
  • In the U.S., we donated thousands of pieces of protective gear to local medical workers and hospitals.
  • NXP also donated to the China Charity Federation to support disaster relief efforts across China.
  • Our teams in Thailand gave thousands of pieces of protective gear to local medical workers and hospitals.
  • In the Czech Republic, we used a 3D printer to create face shields for local healthcare workers.
  • In Malaysia, we provided 5,000+ masks in addition to suits, head gear and smocks to Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.
  • NXP employees in Mexico are currently making and donating acrylic masks to local hospitals and nursing homes.


With many schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re working with educators to help students continue to learn while staying safe. We’re also contributing to organizations that will continue that work going forward.

  • In France, Germany and the Netherlands, we’ve donated laptops to schools.
  • Teams in the U.S. donated laptops to local nonprofit organizations.
  • In the Czech Republic we provided laptops for students with special needs.
  • NXP donated HoverGames drones to the COVID-19 Detect and Prevent Challenge, sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme in partnership with Hackster.io.
  • The NXP Can Help campaign in Taiwan has partnered with Luoshan Lab to provide children with afterschool tutoring, computer equipment, online learning and grants during the pandemic.

Our Commitment

25 Sep 2023 - NXP Embraces EU’s IPCEI ME/CT to Expand R&D

Our commitment to people didn’t start with this crisis, and it won’t end after it. The safety and security of our employees, suppliers, customers and our communities is, and will always be, our top priority. We are working from home, staying safe and doing all that we can to support our families and neighbors. We want to thank the NXP team worldwide for all they’re doing during these trying times.

Thank you for continuing to embody the innovative spirit of NXP as you work to solve problems and advance society, even in this unprecedented era.

Virtual Internships

We know this pandemic has introduced uncertainty and even fear to employees around the world. Whether they’re approaching retirement or just starting out, workers are faced with drastically different work environments and difficult career changes.

That’s why we’re extending our commitment and offering virtual internships for students accepted into our 2020 NXP Summer Internship Program. After surveying managers and confirmed interns, discussing plans and options with universities, and consulting industry experts, NXP is proud to announce that most internships in the Americas will be completely virtual, while some on-site roles will offer a mix of on-site and virtual work. Depending on the region, NXP will host virtual social events for interns and, as needed, will delay starting states based on university schedules.

NXP is always looking for talented and passionate people. Join the future of innovation at careers at NXP.

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