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NXP Expands Customer Engagements for its S32 Platform

Image: NXP Semiconductors

NXP Expands Customer Engagements for its S32 Platform

NXP’s S32 Platform Accelerates with Strong Global Automotive OEM Adoption

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) has announced expanded and strong customer engagements for its entire S32 family of domain and zonal automotive processors. This includes a major automotive OEM’s selection of NXP’s S32 family of automotive processors and microcontrollers to be used across its fleet of future vehicles, beginning mid-decade. The resulting multi-year supply agreement spans the S32 family, including the upcoming 5nm ASIL-D processors. This includes several recent awards with leading automotive OEMs in Europe, the Americas, Asia and China and highlights the appeal and traction of the S32 platform for software-defined vehicles (SDV).

21 Sep 2023 - NXP Honored with Prestigious Automotive Awards

Carmakers face significant challenges in laying the foundation for continued automotive innovation, incorporating connectivity, safety and electrification into the software-defined vehicles of the future. OEMs must integrate a hundred or more processors across their vehicles, mine the valuable data of dispersed electronic control units and address the exponential growth of software in vehicles. To achieve this, they need to shift to a platform approach that allows them to evolve their architectures for consistency across their brands and models while taking advantage of the re-use of expensive software development.

The newly emerging OEM platform approach requires a major advancement in architectures by means of scalable processor solutions that can enable rapid integration of new functionalities and the delivery of secure over-the-air updates. NXP’s S32 family meets the platform need by providing a consistent architecture that can span a carmaker’s entire product range, providing consistency across applications and across technologies, whether the need is for gateways, radar, EV propulsion control, or comfort features - or integration processors running entire zones or domains.

The domain and zonal processors of the NXP S32 family allow customers to logically organize the vehicle’s software architecture to enable seamless access to sensor data for holistic vehicle management. S32 is powering the software-defined future where vehicles can be updated seamlessly, extending the potential feature set of vehicles beyond their initial sale date and unlocking never-before-seen innovation for vehicle users. At the same time, carmakers can benefit with deep data mining capability, predictive vehicle behavior management and maintenance, and unparalleled scalability.

“NXP is very closely partnering with global OEMs on enabling domain and zonal implementations that they need for their future vehicle architectures,” said Henri Ardevol, Executive Vice President and General Manager of NXP’s Automotive Processing business. “The NXP S32 family’s robust traction with global OEMs demonstrates how carmakers can leverage our scalable platform to accelerate software-defined vehicles to volume production.”

29 Aug 2023 - TSMC, Bosch, Infineon, and NXP Establish Joint Venture

NXP continues to see increased direct engagement with automotive OEMs, a significant shift in the industry that is driven by SDV’s. Such direct engagements with carmakers and our deep partnerships with Tier 1s are enabling exciting opportunities for NXP’s S32 family of automotive processors, which we expect to deliver significant revenue traction in the medium to long term, beyond 2024.

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