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NXP Presents RAIN RFID Technology at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

Two lectures from NXP Semiconductors and a digital booth at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL!

At the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020, NXP's experts are speaking about the use of RAIN RFID – also known as UHF technology – in two digital lectures: Creating secure solutions for vehicle identification and vehicle manufacturing, and the use of smart technology for connecting supply chains. The (RAIN RFID) UCODE and UCODE DNA chips from NXP play a crucial role in advancing these applications.

Discover more at the digital RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 conference and visit NXP’s digital booth– from November 23rd to December 18th.

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Highlights at the Digital Exhibition Booth

At NXP's digital booth, you can learn more about the use of smart and secure RAIN RFID technology for vehicle identification, toll collection, vehicle manufacturing, as well as retail and logistics applications.

The UCODE 8 (RAIN RFID) chip from NXP, which is mainly used in retail and logistics applications, has a long read range and supports fast, highly automated and accurate inventory counts. This makes the product particularly suitable for track-and-trace tasks along the supply chain. A special feature – Self Adjust – helps to optimize chip sensitivity for optimum performance.

NXP will also present the UCODE DNA (RAIN RFID) IC, which combines long read ranges with high security. The chip is developed in accordance with global standards, and uses 128-bit AES cryptography to enable automatic identification of vehicles and secure tracking of reusable devices.

Lecture in the Automotive Forum

On December 1st, Mahdi Mekic, Marketing Director, RAIN RFID, will speak about the topic, "Secure RAIN RFID Technology in Your Vehicle: From Automotive Manufacturing and Asset Authentication to Road Traffic".

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The need to securely identify cars, trucks and motorcycles is constantly increasing. Toll collection, access authorization and fleet management benefit from the innovative functions that secure RAIN RFID technology offers. The UCODE DNA IC from NXP is used when security, data verification and authentication need to be combined with read ranges of up to 15 meters.

The use of RAIN RFID chips in windshields, license plates or headlamps provides more convenience for drivers. Vehicles are literally identified and authenticated "as they pass".

In the field of vehicle manufacturing, secure RAIN RFID technology helps to secure supply chains and only allows to use designated components from certified suppliers. Other applications include tracking of reusable assets such as containers or automatic inventory counts of high value tools and equipment.

Lecture in the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum

On December 3rd, James Goodland, RAIN RFID Solutions Manager, will speak about the topic, "From Source to Customer – Why Connected Supply Chains Perform Better”.

Being able to transparently track the entire route of a high-priced branded product or drug, from manufacturing to the end customer, is an essential aspect of building secure and stable supply chains. Using RAIN RFID technology, such as NXP's UCODE 8 chip, allows to identify products at item level – highly automated, fast and accurate.

RAIN RFID creates connected supply chains where information is automatically and digitally entered, shared and stored. The supply chain works as a unit, and provides increased transparency at every step of the journey – during transport, in the warehouse or in the store. Increased efficiency, sustainability and traceability are other positive aspects that connected supply chains have to offer.

Be There: Digitally!

Don't miss the chance to visit NXP’s digital booth and to attend the two lectures from NXP’s RAIN RFID experts in the Automotive Forum and the Logistics & Supply Chain Forum!

Register now for the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL!

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