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NXP Showcases Latest RAIN RFID Technology at WIOTtomorrow20

From Unmanned Stores to Secure Product Authentication and Vehicle Identification – All at NXP Semiconductors' Digital Booth!

At the digital booth of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020, NXP displays a wide range of RAIN RFID technology. Among them are secure solutions for vehicle identification, self-checkout machines, electronic travel documents, and connected supply chains.

NXP is a proud sponsor of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow for the fourth consecutive year”, said Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RAIN RFID Solutions at NXP. “I’m thrilled to see the conference coming to live digitally, offering us a platform to engage with clients and share our expertise about our innovative RAIN RFID solutions in these unprecedented times.”

Learn more at the digital booth of NXP Semiconductors – available 24/7 now until December 18th!

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Mastering the Art of Inventory Control

Being able to transparently track the entire route of an expensive branded product or drug, from manufacturing to the end customer, is an essential aspect of building secure and stable supply chains. The use of RAIN RFID technology, such as NXP's UCODE 8 chip, enables the highly automated, quick and accurate identification of products at item level.

Secure RAIN RFID Product Authentication with UCODE DNA Track 

The presence of counterfeit products in the supply chain can severely devalue a brand. For instance, if costumers buy products that they believe are authentic, but find that the quality is less than they expected, their confidence in the brand might decrease. Using RAIN RFID tags that offer secure product authentication allows stakeholders along the supply chain to identify, track, and verify the origin of items.

Unmanned Stores Become Reality

In Helsinki, Finland, Neste employs Europe’s first unmanned store, the Easy Deli. Each item in the Easy Deli store has a label attached that contains an NXP RAIN RFID chip inside that communicates with the readers and antennas embedded within the self-checkout machine. The result: Customers can purchase products quickly, easily and around the clock. Find out more about the Neste Easy Deli concept at NXP’s digital booth.

Connecting Supply Chains with RAIN RFID

RAIN RFID creates connected supply chains where information is automatically and digitally entered, shared and stored. The supply chain provides increased transparency at every step of the journey – during transport, in the warehouse or in the store. Increased efficiency, sustainability and traceability are other positive aspects that connected supply chains have to offer.

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You can view James Goodland’s (RAIN RFID Solutions Manager at NXP) lecture about "From Source to Customer – Why Connected Supply Chains Perform Better" from December 7th onwards at NXP’s digital booth. 

Electronic Vehicle Identification with Secure RAIN RFID 

The need to securely identify cars, trucks and motorcycles is constantly increasing. Toll collection, access authorization and fleet management benefit from the innovative functions that secure RAIN RFID technology have to offer. The UCODE DNA IC from NXP is used when security, data verification and authentication need to be combined with read ranges of up to 15 meters. In the field of vehicle manufacturing, secure RAIN RFID technology helps to secure supply chains and only permits the use of designated components from certified suppliers.  

Mahdi Mekic’s (Marketing Director at NXP) lecture about "Secure RAIN RFID Technology in Your Vehicle: From Automotive Manufacturing and Asset Authentication to Road Traffic" is already available at NXP’s digital booth. 

Learn More About NXP's RFID Products and Solutions

The following products and solutions are presented in detail at the digital booth:  

  • UCODE 8 & 8m
  • UCODE 7 & 7m
  • UCODE 7xm & 7xm+
  • UCODE DNA City
  • UCODE DNA Track
  • UCODE G2iL & G2iL+
  • UCODE G2iM & G2iM+
  • NTAG

Visit NXP Digitally!

Learn more at the digital booth of NXP Semiconductors and find additional contact information.

The digital exhibition of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL is already open and will be available until December 18th. You can still register here HERE free of charge!

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Ralf Kodritsch
Ralf Kodritsch
Director Global Segment Manager RFID Solutions
Gratkorn, Austria
Michael Klein
Michael Klein
Manager, Marketing Communications
Austin, United States
Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw
Sylvia Kaiser-Kershaw
Global Marketing - Smart Products & Services
Gratkorn, Austria
James Goodland
James Goodland
Director, RAIN RFID Solutions
, Great Britain
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