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"Carbon Capture and Storage" OPC Working Group Kick Off

Image: OPC Foundation

"Carbon Capture and Storage" OPC Working Group Kick Off

OPC Working Group Carbon Capture and Storage to Kick-Off on Feb. 14th 2023

The OPC UA CCS Working Group will develop several OPC UA Information Models for

  • Capture equipment
  • Compression equipment
  • Storage equipment (tank farms)
  • Loading and unloading equipment (jetties)
  • Transportation equipment (vessels/pipelines)
  • Injection equipment (into wells)
  • Metering equipment (to calculate real CO2 amount permanently stored)

to create an interface standard for integrating CCS equipment and systems into an overall Industry 4.0 system architecture.

23 Aug 2023 - Prediktor Drives Standardization on OPC UA in Solar Energy Production

Due to time constrains in an active CCS project (“Northern Lights”), the working group will initially focus on storage plants for liquified carbon.

Main purpose is being able

  • to compose physical devices into an overall plant architecture
  • and to exposing analytical information to OPC UA applications, for example for integration purposes into analytical data systems.

The Kick-off Meeting is scheduled for February 14, 2023 as a web conference.

Start Times

  • 7:00 am PST (US West coast)
  • 10:00 am EST (US East coast)
  • 4:00 pm CEST (Germany)
  • 11:00 pm JST (Japan)

16 Jun 2023 - Secure Industrial Communication at the Field Level

(duration 60-90 minutes)

For registration please contact Erich Barnstedt (erichb@microsoft.com).

This group is open for OPC Members of categories "Corporate Members", "End-Users", "Non-Voting-Members" but not open for "UA-Logo-Members". Click this link to find out more about the OPC member categories.

The OPC leadership also invites organizations dealing with renewable energy for a potential cooperation and co-ownership.

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