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OPC Foundation - FBI Security Presentation at OPC Day 2023

Image: OPC Foundation

OPC Foundation - FBI Security Presentation at OPC Day 2023

Virtual OPC Day Internation 2023 From 19th - 23rd June 2023

The OPC Foundation will host the digital event from June 19-23, 20232 with 3 hours per day (2h presentations and 1h live Q&A). Each session will be held twice in different time zones to serve America, Europe and Asia.

  • Day 1: Keynotes
  • Day 2: Technology / Security
  • Day 3: OPC UA for OT (field) / OPC UA for IT & cloud
  • Day 4: Collaborations & Companion Specs
  • Day 5: Just very cool stuff - like chatGPT,

29 Feb 2024 - UT-F190-B40-2V1D-FR from Pepperl+Fuchs

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Security related presentation highlights:

New Federal Security Recommendations for the OT Community by Joel Max, FBI, Cyber division and lead for threats to operational technology

In this session the FBI will discuss lessons learned and best practices for securing critical operational technologies. It will also include a brief overview of the threat landscape as it relates to OT networks.

29 Feb 2024 - SICK RFU6xx Family

Leveraging OPC UA IEC 62443 mapping for Compliance: Enhancing Industrial Cybersecurity by Paul Hunkar, OPC Foundation

Explore the potential of OPC UA in achieving compliance with the IEC 62443 standard. Discover how OPC UA, a secure and interoperable communication protocol, establishes robust defense mechanisms, ensures data integrity, and enables secure communications in industrial environments and how it is mapped to IEC 62443 requirements. Join us to strengthen your organization’s industrial cybersecurity and effectively defend against cyber threats.

Integration of secure elements into OPC UA security using ISO/IEC TS 30168 by Markus Heintel, Siemens

IIoT devices face increasing security requirements. This is especially important as more and more devices become connected directly or indirectly to the Internet to perform secure communications for service interaction, monitoring, and control. OPC UA defines mechanisms and protocols to enable this secure communication. The security mechanisms used depend on the trustworthiness of cryptographic credentials, like private keys and trusted X.509 certificates.

A secure element is a component that can provide the required protection for these credentials. Different technologies to realize secure elements are available. The selection of the secure elements depends on the use case, platform, protection goals, and regulatory requirements (e.g., security levels according to IEC 62443).

The presentation explains what needs to be considered when integrating secure elements with OPC UA security and describes how ISO/IEC TS 30168 „Internet of Things (IoT) – Generic Trust Anchor API for IIoT Devices“ can support this challenge. ISO/IEC TS 30168 is designed to facilitate the integration of secure elements, allows the use of different secure element technologies, and addresses requirements such as crypto agility and device security lifecycle.

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