OPC UA: The United Nations of Automation

The OPC Foundation is committed to creating a universal, global information exchange standard for automation. All companies worldwide are invited to engage in secure and transparent M2M communication.


Globalization has contributed to the fact that modern economic contacts and alliances, as well as global goods and information streams are in communication and movement around the clock.

Despite the difficulties of building a strong, international network, the advantages of globalization for economic growth in numerous countries worldwide outweigh any challenges. Especially when the spoken language is already perceived as an obstacle because two partners come from different language backgrounds, M2M communication is all the more effective.

The OPC Foundation has addressed this challenge of a universal, global language by developing a new information exchange standard for all. And they have found great success. The number of Foundation members is growing rapidly.

Today, more than 700 companies worldwide are already involved in the global association. According to Stefan Hoppe, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation, one of the Foundation's greatest strengths is its independence. Stefan Hoppe believes that this ensures neutrality, which is essential for a globally usable standard.

Together with Olaf Wilmsmeier, Business Development Manager RFID, Harting IT Software Development, who was instrumental in developing the first OPC Unified Architecture for AutoID Companion Specification with AIM Germany (AIM-D) that was presented at the Hannover Trade Fair in 2016, the OPC President looks back at achievements and forward to future opportunities, as well as challenges and limitations – for instance in the area of security.

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OPC UA Compliance Test Tool (UACTT)
Stefan Hoppe
Stefan Hoppe
President & Executive Director
Scottsdale, USA
Alexander Allmendinger
Alexander Allmendinger
Test Lab Manager
Salach, Germany
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