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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022

Optical Readable Media and Machine Vision

ORM technologies include barcodes, data matrix codes (2D), optical character recognition (OCR), vision systems (camera), and biometric identification. The term 'code' in barcode and data matrix code stands for representation of data in the form of binary symbols such as bars or dots. The codes are used as information carriers for various applications.

Data is stored on objects with labels to save space. They can be read in with mobile scanners (handhelds), at scanning stations and camera-based machines and processed electronically. Scanners use lasers or LEDs in the reading process. Laser scanners can overcome greater distances to the barcode and also read moving barcodes. Area imager scanners, also known as 2D scanners, on the other hand, project LED light onto the barcode. A decoder then processes the digital image. Exact alignment of the object with the barcode is not necessary for detection. However, visual contact should not be interrupted. Barcodes and QR codes can also be read with a smartphone.

Vision systems use complex 3D cameras that read at high speeds of up to 15 gigapixels per second and provide precise measurement results in high resolutions. Depending on the application, the integration of different types of sensors and the installation of special lighting systems may be necessary.

The scanned data are converted (decoded) and then compared with or fed into a database. Intelligent image processing algorithms are used in biometric identification and vision systems.

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