POSTEK RFID Printers Revolutionized with HEAT™

Advanced Technology Designed for High Resolution Printing to Meet High Demands!

Labels have made drastic advances as data carriers in the industry over the past 70 years. Modern day labels are becoming increasingly more complex and intricate in terms of information displayed, especially for manufacturing and apparel industries. Most apparel labels, for example, contain information on the fiber content, country of origin, care instructions, the identity of the manufacturer and unit prices in several currencies, especially for global apparel brands.

In order to refine the quality of printed labels, POSTEK created its own industrially-leading technology in 2019 for integration in all its printers – HEAT™.

A Revolutionary Heating Algorithm

POSTEK first introduced HEAT™ in 2019 as one of the prime technologies integrated in every printer in the product portfolio. HEAT™, also known as “Heating Equilibrium Adaptive Tuning”, is an algorithm that was created in consideration of the optimization of heating throughout the entire printing process. The objective: a dynamic improvement of precision print quality.

Each printer's power management unit has been reworked from the ground up in order to ensure that the overloading and underloading process does not effect the quality of the printout. Additionally, ambient temperature data is constantly collected, allowing precise heating calculations based on the environment.

Residual heat is also continuously calculated during the printing process in order to increase printing efficiency and to grant printers better control over the heating process. The effect that each heating element will have on one another is calculated in real time on a micrometer scale. This provides accurate offset data and thus optimizes control over the printhead.

With HEAT™, POSTEK printers can now provide precise, high-quality printing. Control over residual heat is a crucial benefit for printheads. HEAT™ achieves a 30% increase in the heating efficiency of the printhead. This significantly increases the working lifespan of the printhead without the need for hardware modification.

Print Quality: Elevated to a Whole New Level 

HEAT™ was created to uphold POSTEK's dedication to print quality and standards. The launch of this technology has been a great success, according to Elaine Chen, Global Key Account Manager at POSTEK. “We have 100% confidence in this heating algorithm.

In fact, we have even extended the warranty period for all POSTEK labels that have been printed using HEAT™. This showcases not only the confidence we have in our technology and products, but also serves as a tangible promise to our customers.” Further benefits for customers include the significant enhancement of the printhead lifespan and the print quality itself.  

“Our customers can thus save costs for printhead maintenance. It is also possible to purchase a low resolution printer and achieve the same high print quality. With the integration of HEAT™, even low resolution printers can achieve the same enhanced print quality with intricate details.” explains Elaine Chen.

With HEAT™, POSTEK printers can now print rotated barcodes at a size of less than 1 mm and adapt to various different customer label templates with ease. HEAT™ levels represent the fineness of the heating uniformity, with Level I providing the finest print quality.  

With this technological breakthrough, POSTEK has elevated the print quality for RFID printers in the industry to a whole new level, revolutionizing the printing process and enhancing customer experience. 

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Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen
Global Key Account Manager
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
Lily Kuang
Lily Kuang
Marketing Director
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
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