POSTEK to Expand Market Activities in Europe in 2021

Providing Optimal Support for Partners with RFID!

POSTEK, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, has expanded its market reach across the globe since its establishment in 1998. The Chinese manufacturer of RFID label printers is currently active in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. POSTEK supplies customers across the globe with high-quality products and value-added solutions.

The goal for 2021: Further expansion of marketing activities throughout Europe.

Focus 2021: European Market

Through the efforts and support of local partners, POSTEK has built an extensive sales and service network in Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. “Since 2020, we have placed a greater focus on the European market. We are offering special support and policies to local distributors and system integrators to promote mutual business growth. The team at POSTEK is looking forward to establishing new partnerships with RFID companies in Europe!” emphasizes Elaine Chen. POSTEK is eager to welcome new partners – get in touch here!

500 Partners Across the Globe

With over 500 partners worldwide, POSTEK has become a well-established manufacturer and supplier of RFID printers and solutions. The company supplies its products and services to many well-known brands including Lazada, Haier, Uniqlo and Hikvision – just to name a few. “Over the years, we have become recognized as a reliable supplier for governments, banks and hospitals around the world. Our partners include distributors, dealers, system integrators, and industrially-leading manufacturers and brands,” comments Elaine Chen.

Intelligent RFID Solution by POSTEK at Lazada 

To provide an example of a successful partnership, POSTEK automates Lazada's operations at its 30 storage and sorting centers in South East Asia with a customized RFID printing and encoding solution. POSTEK's TX3r UHF RFID printers were used in this solution, to print the robust RFID tags for the tracking and tracing of goods. At the Lazada's receiving and sorting center, goods are tagged with RFID and sent to a read-write area where an RFID reader automatically captures tag information and uploads it to the sorting management system.

The sorting management system controls the sorting gate where classified goods are concentrated in large packages. Once these large packages are full at the sorting gate, an operator presses the gate switch to trigger the automatic printing an RFID label via the TX3r UHF RFID printer. The packages are then tagged with unique identification and are now traceable through the entire supply chain. The result: a reduction in labor costs, increased personnel efficiency, optimized inventory accuracy and improved traceability.  

POSTEK Supports the RFID Community 

POSTEK aims to support partners globally that want to implement RFID technology and solutions. Elaine Chen, Global Key Account Manager at POSTEK elaborates, “Our goal is to expand our market reach in Europe by working with partners that are willing to grow in terms of implementing RFID. We are currently on the lookout for partners with experience in sales and expertise in RFID products and solutions. We want to support new partners in their RFID journey. No efforts will be spared by POSTEK in providing support in terms of profit, products and services.”  

Valuable Advice from Sales & Tech Experts 

From valuable advice to online support and after sales services – POSTEK ensures that its partners have the artillery they need to grow on the market. The team at POSTEK consists of experts in the field of printer technology and RFID, as Elaine Chen comments,

“Our sales and technical experts have all accumulated extensive experience in a variety of RFID projects from various industries. We are always ready to support our partners, be it via phone call, e-mail, or face-to face (or, as the pandemic requires, mask-to-mask) communication. From our experts, you can learn more about the details of POSTEK's successful case studies and projects.”

POSTEK also provides after-sales services for end users via a local partner's service network. Technical training and online support are made available to direct partners – this includes technical documents, videos, spare parts and maintenance services. 

Professional. Reliable. Competitive. 

POSTEK is dedicated to supporting its partners to the fullest as a professional manufacturer of RFID printers. As Elaine Chen explains, “We provide our partners and customers first and foremost with reliable and competitive products. This is the most important aspect and is the foundation of any brand.”

POSTEK is continuously promoting its sales and brand awareness on the local market. On offer are sales and marketing support for partners – this includes sales and technical training, taking part in marketing activities and events, and implementing a wide variety of effective marketing campaigns.

“We believe in transparency and openness in a partnership. For this reason, we always share any industrial information, new RFID applications and customer or project resources with our partners in order to support them in increasing their market competitiveness. This prepares our partners for the latest market requirements and opportunities,” says Elaine Chen.

POSTEK offers professional advice, technical support, and sales support to its partners. The key value for POSTEK is the realization of mutual growth – together with its partners, POSTEK looks towards the future with RFID technology. 

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Elaine Chen
Elaine Chen
Global Key Account Manager
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
Lily Kuang
Lily Kuang
Marketing Director
Nanshan District, Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China
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