How Does Embedded RAIN RFID Enhance the Product Journey?

Lecture by Emmanuel Arene, CEO, Primo1D
Lecture by Emmanuel Arene, CEO, Primo1D

Embedded RFID Enhances the Product Journey


Embedded RFID

Lecturer: Emmanuel Arene, CEO, Primo1D

Title: How Does Embedded RAIN RFID Enhance the Product Journey ?


    • Drivers to UHF technology adoption
    • Features and benefits of embedded solutions
    • Use cases in retail

By embedding garments with RFID, brands can provide a secure ID, or unique electronic product code (EPC) to each garment. This is particularly useful for product lifecycle monitoring which broadens the range of use cases. The ROI of RFID is accelerated and benefits for stakeholders along the value chain are maximized. In essence, embedded RFID is a game changer and enabler for new business models and enhanced customer experience.

Emmanuel Arene will be talking about embedded UHF RFID. Tags that have been embedded within the garment should also be durable and able to withstand chemicals, mechanical stress and high temperatures to prevent one-shot-usage. This promotes sustainability.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2022: Retail, Consumer IoT, Logistics & Supply Chain

Date: February 16th 2022

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