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Primo1D is a New Member of the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine!

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Primo1D is a New Member of RFID & Wireless IoT Search

Connecting Everyday Objects with IoT!

Primo1D joins RFID & Wireless IoT Search as a new supplier, bringing innovative technological solutions that transforms products into connectable objects! Founded in August 2013 and headquartered in Grenoble, France, the innovative company aims to create value for end clients with its disruptive innovation: E-ThreadTM. With this unique technology, Primo1D paves the way for clients into the world of the Internet of Things!

Learn more at the digital booth of Primo1D at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL – available 24/7 now until December 18th!

08 Jun 2023 - Primo1D Teams Up with Decathlon


Part of the product portfolio is a range of RAIN RFID (UHF) yarns that can be adapted according to the application and to customer requirements. Integrated in the yarn thread is a passive device segment containing a tiny electronic RAIN RFID chip. The chip device comes in different sizes, varying between 8 and 13 cm. The product is deliverable in segments, or on bobbins. Given the extremely small chip size, the device can be discreetly integrated into a variety of different materials and garments.

The device renders itself invisible, is durable and inseparable once embedded. The RFID thread is compatible with all RFID UHF equipment offered on the market. Applications include identification, localization, authentication, and engagement, for the retail industry, and for industry.

Applications in Industry

Product traceability and visibility are crucial for the management of inventory and assets. In order to achieve efficient management and organization, companies require the ability to capture information in real-time. This allows for an accurate inventory, and enables the localization and connectivity of assets. Primo1D offers companies a RAIN (UHF) RFID solution that provides product visibility through a smart digital twin to serve the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Source tagging enables data capture and collection of every operation within factories, warehouses and supply chains at any time, regardless of product status. The result: A positive ROI.

Applications in Retail

15 May 2023 - Primo1D's E-Thread Contributes to Textile Waste Reduction

Retailers require absolute control over operations, security of in-network deliveries and client experience to ensure the success of the brand. Primo1D offers the retail industry an RFID system that can be incorporated directly in the garment without compromising material quality or aesthetic. With this solution, retailers can set up an omnichannel strategy and improve customer service and experience. With the RFID thread, retailers can track assets throughout the supply chain, right to the point of sale.

The smart garment is equipped with an efficient anti-theft system that delivers a frictionless customer experience on the shopfloor. Additionally, the product paves the way for new usage possibilities like a safe and quick product return, at the shop or at the DC. The technology allows for improved data capture and accuracy for analyses to optimize predictive brand marketing. Smart garments support circular economy use cases for product re-use and to locate models.

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Ludovic Paquet
Ludovic Paquet
Head of Sales
Grenoble, France
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