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Primo1D Presents UHF RFID Yarn at "Knowledge for Retailers" Day

As an integral part of the garment, Primo1D UHF RFID tag is revolutionizing the fashion industry and is being adopted by several brands!

Imagine: A garment that is transparently digitalized and serialized throughout the logistics chain, from manufacturing to POS, without the need for an RFID label to be sewn, glued, pinned or clipped on. The tag is both invisible and indelibly embedded into the garment. In the event that the journey from manufacturing to the store should be attempted to pass unseen at the POS, the electronic article surveillance is also integrated as protection.

Dreams of the future? No – In the livestream conference "Knowledge for Retailers" at the Think WIOT Day on February 17th at 15:00 CET, you will learn live from Isabelle Devant, Key Account Manager at Primo1D, that these features can already be used today in a highly scaled and performant manner.

From Research to Industry

The technology is based on the robust microencapsulation of electronic circuits developed at the Grenoble CEA LETI Lab (Technology Institute Lab) and protected by a comprehensive international patent portfolio. During the manufacture of this RFID thread – the E-Thread – the two conductive wires of the antenna are directly connected to the chip.

Conventional steps in electronics manufacturing, such as packaging or external soldering, are eliminated. The electronic assembly produced in this way is small enough to be incorporated seamlessly into a textile thread.

Numerous Benefits: Brand Protection, In-Store Inventory, Anti-Theft... and More!

If the E-Thread has already been used to manufacture garments, each garment is permanently and individually identifiable until the end of its life cycle. The result: process optimizations that sustainably simplify the lives of retailers and brand owners: goods can be clearly identified at every point in the supply chain.

Inventory processes in the store are accelerated, goods can be settled automatically at the POS, enabling efficient EAS, return management can be easy, quick and safe. The E-Thread is designed to be robust enough to withstand any use and cleaning until the end of each garment's life cycle to support circular economy in fashion.

Added Value Beyond the Retail Sector

The E-Thread simplifies the use of electronics not only in textile manufacturing, but also for the production of any asset from car tires to upholstered furniture. In countless applications, the E-Thread insert creates a completely invisible, inseparable and unalterable integration into different materials and fabrics to support digital identification, traceability and asset monitoring.

Be Part of the Experience – Live!

Register today - participation is free of charge! Don't miss the lecture by Isabelle Devant and 10 other experts from the retail sector.

The complete program and further information can be found here.

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Isabelle Devant
Isabelle Devant
Business Development
Grenoble, France
Ludovic Paquet
Ludovic Paquet
Head of Sales
Grenoble, France
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