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Primo1D: RAIN RFID Embedded Tagging Solutions at #wiottomorrow21

Tiny, Unidimensional UHF RFID Tag as a Product Highlight of the #wiottomorrow21!

Primo1D, a provider of IoT solutions that offers a unique technology for the RFID ecosystem, will be exhibiting at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 LIVE and VIRTUAL. At booth #39, Primo1D will showcase its portfolio of RAIN RFID tagging for retail and industrial applications.

Primo1D is also taking part in the conference with the lecture "How Does Embedded RFID Enhance the Product Journey?" by Emmanuel Arene, CEO, Primo1D.

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The product highlight from Primo1D is the tiny, unidimensional UHF RFID tag. The tag is  is robust and can be embedded in a non-intrusive RFID thread that can be integrated into products and survive highly demanding process and use conditions.

The RAIN RFID solution from Primo1D can be integrated into products in the form of a yarn, thread or wire tag and includes a range of customization options. The tag can be integrated into different materials such as textile, rubber or composite materials and used for retail and industry 4.0 applications.

Lecture: "How Does Embedded RFID Enhance the Product Journey?"

The lecture with Emmanuel Arene, CEO Primo1D, will focus on embedded RFID solutions, going into detail about how tags can be embedded into products and showcasing use case examples from retail and industrial assets.

The lecture "How Does Embedded RFID Enhance the Product Journey?" begins on October 21st at 09:40 CEST.

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Visit Primo1D live at booth #39 or virtually and attend the lecture by Emmanuel Arene to find out more about the unidimensional UHF RFID tag and speak to the experts from Primo1D!

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