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Primo1D's E-Thread Contributes to Textile Waste Reduction

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Primo1D's E-Thread Contributes to Textile Waste Reduction

Sustainable Embedded RFID

Primo1D‘s patented E-Thread™ is a disruptive UHF RFID technology based on a micro-encapsulation of electronic circuits. An RFID thread is produced by directly connecting two conductive strands of the antenna to the RFID chip. The small assembly makes it possible for integration in textile thread, thus enabling embedded RFID in various manufacturing products including textiles, composites and rubber-based materials. The embedded E-Thread™ itself has a low carbon footprint due to its components, and through its usage, contributes to the reduction of textile waste.

Reducing Textile Waste with E-Thread™

An estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is generated yearly worldwide. In France, 244,500 tonnes of used textiles were collected in 2021. 190,550 tonnes of this was sorted in a sorting center. After sorting, 58 % of textiles were designated for reuse, 33 % for recycling and 9 % for recovery in the form of solid recovered fuel. A goal of the French government: 70 % of non-reusable textiles should be recycled, or made recyclable by 2024. Contributing to this goal is Primo1D’s E-Thread™, a product that facilitates textile sorting. The more garments sorted for reuse, redistribution or recycling, the less textile waste generated.

E-Thread™ Facilitates Textile Sorting

Embedded directly into garments during production, the E-Thread™ gives each garment a unique ID throughout its entire lifecycle. This way, used and discarded garments that are collected in sorting centers can be sorted with ease. Based on the unique data in the RFID tag of each garment – on the composition of materials, or from where the garment came from, for example – it is clear which garments can be reused, redistributed, or recycled. The result: reduced textile waste and a sustainable circular economy for the textile industry.

Is the E-Thread™ Compliant With Recycling Processes?

Yes! To prove that the patented E-Thread™ does not impact the recyclability of garments, Primo1D has conducted trials at the private research center CETI. Two 50kg batches of pre-consumer clothing were prepared: one with embedded E-Thread™ tags and one without. These batches were cut and frayed into fibers. No significant difference in term of fiber lengths was found when comparing both batches. The fibers were then blended and then spun into yarn. During the open-end spinning process, there was also no significant difference observed in regards to the quality of the yarn spun between both batches. The result: Primo1D’s E-Thread™ has no impact on the textile recycling process.

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