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Product Innovations and Strategies from Neosid

Image: Neosid

Product Innovations and Strategies from Neosid

Trends, New Transponders and Goals from Neosid for 2022

Neosid is an electronics company with deep expertise in the development and manufacture of RFID transponders. Yilmaz Benzer, Managing Director, and Matthias Höß, Head of R&D and Project Management of Neosid, talk about new products and strategies with RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

27 Apr 2023 - Neosid Offers RFID Components for Seamless Tool Identification

Mr. Benzer, Mr. Höß, what new products will there be in the course of 2022?

Höß: We have a lot planned until the end of the year. To be specific, we have planned two new transponders that represent an expansion of the NFC-capable product range. These will be TAGs that offer customers further selection options for their applications in sizes between the NeoTAG® Plug MFG/FG4335 and 10340. Not yet quite as concrete is a new transponder for industrial applications with large storage capacity, high reading speeds and virtually unlimited storage frequency. The envisaged area of application for this is process automation, where very many memory accesses are required.

Due to a new RFID chip, the geometry of the internal structure as well as the housing has to be changed significantly. The result will be a strongly industry-related transponder, which brings advantages particularly in the automation industry and highlights our expertise in miniaturization.

Furthermore, we would like to equip the standard identification for drilling and milling tools with RFID technology and supply the transponders for this purpose.

What expansions are on the horizon for Neosid and for RFID in general?

Benzer: Digitalization is gaining momentum in a wide variety of industrial sectors. The cable industry, materials research, building materials, digital construction - all these industrial sectors are already affected by Industry 4.0 and the demand for digital solutions will naturally increase. Automation technology and tooling technology are leading the way in digitalization, which is why we are very well positioned. There are digital pioneers in many industries and now many are following suit as they recognize the benefits.

What strategies does Neosid have for Industry 4.0?

12 Jan 2023 - Neosid Reports on Developments in the RFID Industry

Benzer: We want to further expand our leadership in RFID technology. Generally speaking, we want to become even better known as a solution provider, hence the new transponders. We hope this will lead to solid growth and increasing order numbers from abroad.

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Matthias Höß
Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
Halver, Germany
Yilmaz Benzer
Yilmaz Benzer
Managing Director
Halver, Germany
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