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New International Initiative to Define OPC UA Cloud Library

CAEN presents skID: The New RAIN RFID Smartphone Add-On

Bluebox CX Series: RFID Industry Readers by iDTRONIC

Medication Management with Smart RFID-Pharma-Label

TiM2xx LiDAR Sensor Enters the Race for Mobile Applications

HID Global Introduces RAIN UHF RFID and NFC Combo Tags

ELATEC Releases New Version of its DevPack

Unitech Launches New EA630 with RG630 UHF RFID Gun-Grip

Windows CE ends, Android takes over: DENSO names Advantages

SML RFID Rolls Out Virtual Demos For Retailers

HyWEAR Compact from FEIG Wins Innovation Award

SML RFID Announces the GB4M700 inlay

Confidex Releases New Heatwave UHF Tags for the IIoT

Highly Reliable BLE-Sticker from Tadbik with Wiliot Technology

RAIN RFID+NFC Two-Way Applications in One Tamper Proof Label

iDTRONIC’s RFID On-Metal Asset Tags

Bluebird Empowers Digitalization with Innovative Mobile Devices

Rinas Brings Coding & Personalization Devices to #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

omlox: Brand New UWB Open Industry Standard at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

Avery Dennison Introduces AD-332u8 RAIN RFID Inlay

Passive BLE Technology Close to Market Launch

New Compact HF Read/Write Head BIS VM in Block-Style Housing

Barcode Scanning with the New Wearable Hywear Compact xT

Zebra Technologies: RFID Simplicity Starts Here

Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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