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DIP Device Integration Platform

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7iD’s Device Integration PlatformTM is a truly scalable and reliable software platform for system integrators working on complex, high performance and tailor-made projects. The platform provides full management of distributed IIoT infrastructure on a global scale. It serves as an crosstechnology client for enterprise applications. DIPTM ensures a future proofing investment due to full compliance to global standards.

Gerhard Gangl

Gerhard Gangl
Managing Director
Graz, Austria

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Key Facts

  • DIPTM supports a wide range of passive and active RFID readers, NFC, BLE, mobile devices, sensors, PLCs and barcode readers.
  • DIPTM provides efficient maintainability through centralized configuration, monitoring, alarming, and provisioning across the distributed network.
  • DIPTM delivers high data quality through the use of intelligent filter algorithms gaining accuracy and availability.
  • Compliant Standards: ALE, TDS, TDT, LLRP, GS1 EPC Global


  • Asset Tracking
  • Container Tracking
  • End-of-line Control
  • In- / Outbound Logistics
  • In- / Outdoor Location Tracking
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • RTLS
  • Supply Chain Improvements

7iD Technologies is a leading IoT solution and software provider based in Austria focusing on the automotive, logistics, healthcare and public safety industry.

  • 7iD has been successfully implementing UHF RFID solutions for more than 12 years with profound industry knowledge in automotive, productions and logistics
  • We offer system integrators a reliable and GS1 standardized RFID software for a rapid implementation of industrial projects
  • 7iD ensures the success of your project through reliable service and maintenance
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