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Rapid and accurate, the ABG UHF GATE allows bulk scanning of the contents of a roll cage that passes through, thereby avoiding handling of individual items and reducing the operating times necessary for manual counting to a minimum.

The UHF GATE can be easily adapted to meet customer’s needs. There are two basic models:

  • UHF GATE - IN: Used to scan soiled garments
  • UHF GATE - OUT: Used to scan clean, packaged and stacked garments inside delivery cages
Jos Fransen

Our state-of-the-art solutions greatly improve service, reduce cost and make the process leaner and more transparent: all to the benefit of our customers.

Jos Fransen
Managing Director
Frechen, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Accurate scanning guaranteed by the special algorithm that prevents false readings
  • Speed of scanning soiled items, resulting in fast turnaround of stock
  • Weight: 990 Kg
  • Size (LxHxD): 2700 x 2320 x 1500 mm
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, RS232
  • RFID technology: UHF (Band: 865-868 MHz (EU) and 902-928 MHz (FCC)

We at ABG Systems are a dynamic and innovative company that over the years has become a point of reference for many companies looking for a new way to invest in the most modern technologies of automatic identification.

  • We take the automation process out of the factory and make it available to all those who make daily use of textiles
  • We design and develop hardware and software systems
  • Control and manage your textiles in an economically efficient manner!
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