HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
  • HasciSE: Backhand Scanner

HasciSE: Backhand Scanner

The Best Ergonomic Industrial Quality Backhand Scanner!

In the fast-growing segment of logistics wearables, our HasciSE handheld barcode scanner is the optimal solution for small parts picking, where most work is “hands-free”.

The HasciSE is a very ergonomic and yet industrial-grade backhand scanner. Industrial quality for ACD means that we have designed it to be so fail-safe that we offer a three-year warranty as standard.

Uwe Mahler

Uwe Mahler
Head of Sales Industrial Solutions
Achstetten, Germany

The HasciSE is not only one of the lightest, thinnest and smallest in its class, but can also be easily paired with the appropriate counterpart device through the matching ACD EasyToConnect app. Likewise, the HasciSE can be quickly and easily mounted to any carrying options, such as hand straps or zippers, through its three push buttons.

This saves the customer costs and leaves him free and always flexible in his choice of wearing. The customer decides for himself how he wants to wear the HasciSE and is not bound to expensive consumables from the manufacturer. As an option, ACD already offers a matching wrist strap with finger button or a zipper for attachment; this means that the HasciSE is ready for immediate use.

Our animation video introduces you to the HasciSE backhand scanner. Take a look!

ACD also offers the HasciSE Industry backhand scanner for testing in advance. Make an appointment directly with our sales department!

Key Facts

  • Easy push button installation and long battery life
  • Robust; yet small, light and flat; therefore hardly noticeable when worn
  • Easy and fast scanning together with low error rates and safe handling
  • Scan triggering via configurable infrared proximity sensor, scan button and finger button; scan feedback acoustic, haptic and visual
  • Easy pairing with ACD EasyToConnect and pairing via BT-compatible short-range radio (V4.0)
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and greater


  • Warehouse management/logistics
  • Inventory
  • Small parts picking
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail 
  • Shipping

Innovative Electronics from Upper Swabia

ACD is an owner-managed group of companies that belongs to the technological leading providers of electronics. In the areas of mobile devices and applications for retail, logistics and industry, ACD Elektronik supplies hardware and software solutions.

Today's ACD Group has locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA. The group employs around 430 people at its locations and generated annual sales of over 90 million euros in 2022.

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HasciSE: Backhand Scanner
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