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AD-301r6 Gen2 UHF Inlays

AD-301r6 Gen2 UHF Inlays

AD-301r6 and AD-301r6-P

Avery Dennison is pleased to introduce AD-301, a petite, yet powerful, Gen2 UHF RFID inlay recommended for item level tagging of smaller sized products.
The 30 x 15 mm antenna is a global design and will operate satisfactorily in both FCC and ETSI frequency bands; however, maximum performance will be achieved at 902 - 928 MHz (FCC). The new design is available in two chip formats: Monza R 6 and Monza R 6 - P.

Tony Fazhev

Tony Fazhev
Business Development Specialist, NFC/Wine & Spirits
Oegstgeest near Amsterdam, Netherlands

Recommended applications:

Children Accessories

Due to its smaller form factor and rectangular shape, AD-301 is the perfect inlay for tagging a variety of accessories designed to accommodate younger children. The antenna is precisely 30 x 15mm (1.18 x 0.59 in), which converts nicely into a 33 x 18 mm (1.3 x 0.709 in) label or slightly larger hang tag. AD-301 is the smallest Avery Dennison tag which meets the requirements of Auburn University’s, Spec Q, designed specifically for children, and in some cases, toddler accessories. Users should confirm independently such requirements.

Fashion Jewelry and Sunglasses

AD-301 is highly recommended for tagging larger accessories and smaller apparel merchandise, including sunglasses. Fashion jewelry, a popular item-level retail product, is often showcased in rotating display cases. Like most smaller-sized items, tracking and managing inventory on the store floor can be a cumbersome task. AD-301 enables quick and efficient inventory management of earrings, necklaces, pendants and other item-level accessories from source to store.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The healthcare industry is always looking for a better way to monitor its pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain to ensure patient safety and wellbeing. Counterfeit drugs, expired inventory and product recalls are some of the toughest challenges facing pharmaceutical companies today. AD-301 can help you with some of your frustrations. The 30 x 15mm antenna will fit inside a 33 x 18mm label, and is best suited for tracking pharmaceuticals and medical supplies packaged in small to medium sized boxes. AD-301 delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of dielectrics.

With our unique combination of materials expertise, innovative, end-to-end technologies and global capacity for supporting customers, Avery Dennison Smartrac is partnering with companies across multiple industries, introducing transformative benefits through connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Why Avery Dennison Smartrac?

  • We are the largest UHF RFID partner in the world, with over 1,500 patents and applications globally.
  • Our thought leadership in integrated solutions has already translated across multiple industries.
  • Our customers benefit from deep industry knowledge and expertise in technology and innovation, R&D, quality and service.
  • Through our proven 5-Step Adoption Process and close collaboration with our expert partners, we recommend full-deployment solutions for each application and business requirement.

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