AX’Lin UHF Laundry Tag
  • AX’Lin UHF Laundry Tag
  • AX’Lin UHF Laundry Tag
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AX’Lin UHF Laundry Tag

Our AX'Lin range of tags is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the laundry: resistance to more than 200 washes including 60 bars press after the laundry tunnel. Our tags keep their reading performance up to 10 meters throughout the life of the laundry. Available in several versions, the AX'Lin can be sewn into a hem or directly onto the textile (AX'Lin UHF) or fixed by heat-sealing (AX'Lin Thermo UHF)

The latest innovation in AXEM Technology's laundry tags, AX'Lin Gamma UHF is resistant to repeated exposure to Gamma rays up to 45 KGy. It is for example suitable for medical and hospital linen. All our laundry tags can be personalized by marking.

Discover also the Gamma Lin Tag that is resistant to Gamma rays!

Philippe MONDON

Achieve RFID

Philippe MONDON
CEO and Founder
Créteil Cedex, France

Key Facts

  • Different assembly methods: heat sealing or sewing
  • Resistance to 200 wash cycles and to 60 bar pressure
  • Reading distance up to 10 m


  • Industrial washing, management of uniforms, of medical apparel, military clothing, personnel patrol...

AXEM Technology has been a major player in the fields of RFID and mobile devices for 15 years. With its experience and expertise in RFID, AXEM Technology has the flexibility to assist and support its customers in their choice of equipment throughout their projects.

  • Design, production, and distribution of a full range of RFID products
  • Readers, tags, technical labels, mobile terminals, cards...etc.
  • Our aim is to help you find equipment that suit your projects and specific requirements!

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