AX’Tag Atomic L UHF Small Tag
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AX’Tag Atomic L UHF Small Tag

AX’Tag Atomic UHF is our range of high added value UHF small tags (10 mm diameter). This IP68 tag is easily fixed to any metal surface by adhesive fixing. With its extended UHF memory of 64 Kbtis, the Atomic L Memento is the perfect solution for maintenance applications in all sectors.

It is also available with the 7xm+ chip (AX'Tag Atomic L Cyber) which key features are the digital signature (384 bit) and the untraceable function. Therefore, it is particularly recommended for maintenance and tracking of military materials and for security of materials on field.

Philippe MONDON

Achieve RFID

Philippe MONDON
CEO and Founder
Créteil Cedex, France

Key Facts

  • Small metal UHF compatible tag (10 mm diameter)
  • Resistance packaging
  • Optional extended UHF memory: 2 Kbits or 64 Kbits


  • Maintenance and tracking of military materials,
  • inventory and supply chain management
  • metallic asset tracking
  • process optimization

AXEM Technology has been a major player in the fields of RFID and mobile devices for 15 years. With its experience and expertise in RFID, AXEM Technology has the flexibility to assist and support its customers in their choice of equipment throughout their projects.

  • Design, production, and distribution of a full range of RFID products
  • Readers, tags, technical labels, mobile terminals, cards...etc.
  • Our aim is to help you find equipment that suit your projects and specific requirements!

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