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Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems
  • Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems
  • Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems

Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems

The retailer's partner for marking at the source with RFID tags

>> One size fits all << - not with RFID! Checkpoint Systems' Client Success Managers work closely with each customer to meet their specific needs. As a retail partner, Checkpoint Systems continually helps retailers get the most out of RFID.

Checkpoint Systems implements RFID quickly and accurately, is on-site during installation, and delivers actionable data using a software platform for a speedy return on investment.

RFID helps retailers have the right merchandise in the right place at the right time, reduce inventory and deliver omnichannel efficiently for the perfect customer experience.

Checkpoint Systems has been helping retailers, CPG companies and packagers efficiently apply RFID tags to their products or packaging for more than 25 years.

Stephen Howells

Stephen Howells
Director Global Product Management
Hirschhorn, Germany

How does Checkpoint Systems' RFID program differ from other vendors?

As a first step, Checkpoint Systems conducts a free store scan at a store of choice. This provides retailers with insight into their current inventory accuracy and an ROI forecast. With customized training materials and on-site support, Checkpoint Systems ensures that the RFID rollout goes smoothly in the subsequent pilot. During the pilot phase, weekly meetings provide comprehensive support and analysis. Previous Checkpoint Systems pilot tests have shown that RFID improves inventory accuracy by up to 99 percent, increases sales by an average of 3 percent and reduces inventory by an average of 7 percent.

Pending large-scale implementation in more stores, retailers are already specialists in how RFID can best help them, thanks to Checkpoint Systems itself. RFID provides a wealth of data, and the Checkpoint Systems team helps retailers derive and drive the actions that are right for them individually - for a quick realization of the previously calculated ROI.

What successes are realistic with RFID and Checkpoint Systems?

  • Increase sales by reducing shortages and understocks
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Improved omnichannel capabilities
  • Reduced shrink
  • Improve shelf availability
  • Optimized operations and effective time management
  • Up to 75% reduction in inventory effort, reduced inventory costs
  • Optimized customer experience

Securing with RFID tags at the source

RFID is most effective when products are labeled at the source. In this way, retailers save valuable in-store time, can track their merchandise throughout the supply chain, and can guarantee brands that their packaging design will not be compromised by an inconveniently placed security tag. Source tagging increases sales and reduces shrink. Checkpoint Systems assists with implementation, discusses which products should be secured at the source, and works with the retailer's suppliers to manage the technical aspects.

Checkpoint Systems understands the challenges of its retail customers and offers the broadest range of label solutions. The global source tagging team can meet the needs of a wide variety of EAS labels directly at the point of manufacture. The wide label selection ensures that the right label is available for every product and every specific need - whether for apparel, food, footwear or cosmetics. Checkpoint labels are designed for high-speed label application and improve production efficiency.

From the smallest food-grade RF label to the first ARC-certified RFID inlay with the new NXP UCODE 9 IC, Checkpoint Systems' source tagging team has extensive experience and the right label for every need.

Retailers can view a selection of Checkpoint Systems' labels for source tagging here:

Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks, and reduce theft.

  • Complete RFID Solutions (RF and RFID Labels, Hardware and Software)
  • Consulting, Implementation and Services for RFID solutions
  • Data and labels management via the online platform check-NET

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Source to Success: RFID with Checkpoint Systems
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