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RAIN Xplorer Spy

RAIN Xplorer Spy

Quickly Evaluate RAIN Reader-Tag Communication

CISC is offering the RAIN Xplorer Spy as a versatile tool to quickly evaluate RAIN reader-tag communication. It takes the advantage of using common DVB-T+DAB+FM USB dongles as wide-band USB RF receivers, which allows verifying tag and reader command content and timing.

Furthermore, it supports a quick evaluation of the reader software and reports issues that could result in functionality issues or performance degradation of an application.

DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl

Being active in UHF RFID and NFC since its beginning it is great to see how the technology evolved and became mature. CISC is now offering product and services to support a very high maturity level of both RFID and NFC through measurement+test products, as well as with product development support services to allow even more growth for RFID+NFC.

DI Josef Preishuber-Pflügl
CTO and Business Manager RFID+NFC
Klagenfurt, Austria

Key features

  • Spy functionality for a quick visualization of reader-tag issues
  • File-Management to save recordings
  • Advanced Communication Analysis
  • Conformance tester
  • ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • RAIN RFID Air interface

Key Benefits

  • Analyse and solve reader-tag communication problems
  • Match reader and tags properly for any environment
  • Portable and ready to use everywhere at any time (analyze on the “Go”)
  • Record data of reader-tag-behaviours at different sites and environments
  • Easily exchange recorded files
  • Flexible licencing subscription options (1 to 12 months)
  • Software, application and conformance check

CISC is an international oriented and highly awarded company that provides competitive and innovative products and technology for design and verification of heterogeneous networked embedded microelectronic systems.

  • Global leader in providing RFID and NFC test solutions
  • Solutions for all passive UHF RFID standards including RAIN RFID, GS1 EPCglobal, ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C UHF RFID Air interface, and ISO/IEC 29167 Crypto Suites
  • Our NFC test devices meet the requirement of EMVco, NFC-Forum, ISO/IEC, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment schemes
  • Experience in the semiconductor, automotive, wireless communication, and RFID industry

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