TraceCase – NFC Tracer
  • TraceCase – NFC Tracer
  • TraceCase – NFC Tracer

TraceCase – NFC Tracer

A great customer experience is key for successful NFC services!

TraceCase is a tracer for recording contactless communication in the field. It’s the only mini tracer worldwide that is also able to record analog data, the cause for many failures in contactless transactions. TraceCase is controlled by an app on your smartphone.

The data can be analyzed later in the lab using the powerful TraceCase Viewer software allowing to identify and thus remove the cause of the failure with little time and effort.

Kathleen Knievel

Kathleen Knievel
Corporate Marketing Manager
Paderborn, Germany

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Key Facts

  • Only mini tracer worldwide able to record analog and digital data
  • Controlled by smartphone app
  • Discreet and inconspicuous
  • No interference with the communication
  • Extremely quick to set up and easy to use
  • Pictures and geo-tagging during tracing
  • Powerful and robust analysis software
  • Identification of faulty signals due to interference, or electrical signal distortion


  • Mobile payments, ticketing and access control
  • Supports the work of NFC engineers (acquirers, providers of payment schemes and public transport, manufacturers of POS terminals, tags and cards and lock systems)

COMPRION is your partner for your NFC development from the start:

  • Design Validation – Visualizing the NFC field & optimizing NFC device design
  • Functional Testing – APIs to write individual NFC test cases
  • (Pre-)conformance testing – EMVCo and NFC Forum compliant test benches
  • Interoperability & Field Testing – Analyzing errors on the contactless interface
  • Consulting & Test Services – Advice for NFC technology, our tools and certification. Test logs interpretation. Testing for you
Product News

Validated Comprion RSP Test Benches Support GSMA SGP.24 RSP

The newly published GSMA SGP.24 RSP Compliance Process V2.0 now requires functional testing by industry certification schemes GCF, PTCRB, and GlobalPlatform. These certifications schemes are referencing validated Comprion RSP test benches for conformance testing. Comprion were the first to offer validated tests for the industry.

Product News

Comprion EMVCo 4.3c Contact Level 1 Tests Qualified by EMVCo

A simple software update is enough to run the latest tests for product approval of payment terminals Today, COMPRION has announced that they have received the EMVCo Qualification Letter for their IFM Protocol Level 1 Tests according to EMVCo Test Specification 4.3c. Thus, EMVCo-accredited test labs that offer product approvals for Contact Level 1 payment terminals are enabled to easily prepare for the new version. EMVCo 4.3c will be activated May 1, 2018 and mandatory as of July 1, 2018.

Product News

NFC Oscilloscope, Reader Sensitivity and Field Strength Response of NFC Antennas

The new Design Validation Center Release 1.1 that is launched on 03/28/2018 has got three cool new features that help you to optimize the design of your NFC-enabled devices.

Product News

Comprion launches RSP Core Components at the MWC

Building a Custom Remote SIM Provisioning Infrastructure Made Easy Full Control over Soldered eSIMs Comprion introduces the SM-SR and SM-DP subscription managers at the MWC, by which MVNOs, service providers, and manufacturers of IoT devices with eSIMs can build their custom RSP infrastructure.

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